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make more time

Last year on the Glorious Twelfth, I did something I hardly dare admit. I turned down an invitation to shoot a small walked-up day because I was absolutely snowed under with work. At the time, it felt like the right thing to do but looking back, I’m not quite sure what had come over me. There are a few of us who aren’t troubled by the need to have a job but for most of us, it’s a very large part of our lives. I’m often struck when I talk to Shooting Times readers about just how busy they are. This year, at the Game Fair, I got chatting to an old boy at the pub who told me he no longer gets out wildfowling as he’s really a bit too old…

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grouse moors under threat as snp-green form alliance

Scotland’s fieldsports and gamekeeping organisations are facing their most serious political challenge in recent times as the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Scottish Greens enter a formal pact. The SNP is the largest party in the parliament but is short of an outright majority. They will need the support of the seven Green MSPs to push through much of their legislative agenda. Crucially, Green votes will be needed in order to pass the legislation needed for a second independence referendum. The move has sparked concern because of the close connection between the Scottish Green Party and anti-shooting campaign groups such as Revive and OneKind. In the recent past, Green MSPs have written guest entries on one of the UK’s leading anti-shooting blogs and used emergency COVID-19 legislation to introduce bans on…

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mystery deaths of eagles

Anti-shooting campaigners have been left frustrated after attempts to link the deaths of five eagles in the Western Isles to shooting failed. Inspector Jane MacKenzie of Police Scotland explained what had been found: “Around 1.25pm on Saturday, 14 August 2021, officers received a report that two golden eagles had been found dead two miles south of Bragar on the Isle of Lewis. Enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances. “Enquiries are also ongoing after two golden eagles and a white-tailed sea eagle were found dead near Bowglass on the Isle of Harris on Saturday, 7 August 2021. “They were significantly decomposed but forensic work is being undertaken to try to establish how they died,” she added. The customary allegations about gamekeepers and lairds were rapidly being traded on social media, with one commenter…

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keepers save stolen spaniels

Rapid communication by gamekeepers has forced thieves to abandon two dogs they had snatched. The two working springer spaniel bitches were taken, along with a quantity of tools, from a premises in Glen Prosen in the Angus Glens. A neighbouring keeper, who noticed a suspicious van, was able to circulate rapidly a description of the vehicle believed to have been involved in the theft and the dogs were soon found, tied to a fence in Dundee around an hour’s drive away. Jamie Smith, the gamekeeper who raised the alarm and circulated the description of the vehicle, said the dogs’ recovery was a result of the strength of the community spirit in the Glens. He also paid tribute to everyone else who had helped get the word out. “We would like to thank…

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to do this week

PREP Get your beaters and pickers-up together, provide tea or coffee and a roll and let them know what is going on. Effective beating and picking-up teams need to be built and maintained. Well-briefed beaters who feel valued and who know what to expect will do a better job and are less likely to be poached by another shoot. FISHING Late summer and early autumn is the time to fish big terrestrials for trout. Hoppers and daddies are deadly flies late in the season, especially if the real thing is blowing in off the land.…

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goose season promise

Hopes are high for another very strong goose shooting season, with good numbers of migrants expected and numbers of resident geese increasing. Migratory wildfowl are yet to arrive in the UK in numbers and, due to COVID-19-related disruption, data on their breeding numbers is relatively poor. However, there are reasons to believe that when the Iceland and Greenland breeding geese arrive, they will come in good numbers. The signs are hopeful, too, for a good bag of pinkfeet and greylags this year. Goose numbers in Iceland have grown to the extent that they have become a serious problem for the country’s farmers. The problems have worsened this year to the extent that there has been an effort to persuade the Icelandic government to allow out-of-season control of the birds. The Icelandic goose hunting…