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Spoke strives to bring a fresh and innovative look at mountain biking through original content, bold design and high quality production values. It provides an unbiased look at the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa, consistently pushing the boundaries of mountain bike photography and graphic design. Spoke is published four times a year

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New Zealand
Arrowsmith Media Ltd
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I love how this image lets you absorb the beauty of the lake and mountains not once, but twice. It takes me back to that still, brisk, early autumnal morning, when the change of seasons was starting to poke its head out with the first dusting of snow on the hills. It also reminds me of just how satisfying a bunny hop can be—when the timing all comes together, and you tuck your back wheel up as high as possible for a split second, before touching down both wheels at the same time. A sweet satisfaction! Rider: Tim Pierce Location: Wanaka, NZ…

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chasing kiwi trail

New Zealand has, in a fairly short time, established itself as the perfect “off season” base for international pros. With its flipped seasons and great variety of trails for all types of riding in a relatively small country, it’s the ideal place for training, racing and good old-fashioned fun. With so many riders spending so much time here testing, video shoots, product launches and team camps kept popping up. Here, Brendan Fairclough and new teammate Andrew Neethling explore one Marlborough’s finest trails, the Wakamarina, for their Chasing Trail video. Riders: Brendan Fairclough & Andrew Neethling Location: Wakamarina, Marlborough…

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free time

Who runs the world? According to the excellent 1993 film So I Married an Axe Murderer, it’s the Pentavirate: “The Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds and Colonel Sanders, before he went tits up.” The internet, on the other hand, thinks it’s the Illuminati. But my money’s on Mark Zuckerberg, with Bono perched on his shoulder like a noisy leather-clad gargoyle, simultaneously trying to end world hunger while tucking his back-catalogue royalties into Lithuanian tax shelters. I used to worry about it, and get angry about the 1%, and how U2 went downhill after The Unforgettable Fire, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all neo-feudalist debt slaves and probably will be forever, so we might as well go riding and forget about the bills for a while. The…

9 min.

1. 100% SPEEDCRAFT GLASSES The Speedcraft sunglasses from 100% elevate your performance without compromising your style. The interchangeable lenses have a scratch resistant coating, the ‘Hydroilo’ treatment repels oil and water, while the fully-wrapped frame ensures your glasses stay on while your riding goes off. crownkiwi.co.nz 2. FOX DPX2 SHOCK Combining the efficiency of the DPS XC and the performance of the X2 DH, the DPX2 has enduro and all-mountain susses. With dedicated compression and lockout circuits for each of the three modes (open, medium and firm), and ten clicks’ worth of fine tuning in open mode. Shock on. mountainbikes.co.nz 3. JULIANA BICYCLES FOREVER KIT Jump on the Juliana train with this season’s Juliana Bicycles kit. Crews and baseball shirts (both with a completely awesome skull theme), tees, caps and stylish-meets-high-performance riding kit. Love you…

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swipe right

Jules Walker thought she was trying out a new kind of racing. What she found was a new kind of dating. It’s Saturday morning. The sun is peeking through the gap in the curtains, a warm glow I can see through my eyelids. I snuggle into crumpled sheets to allow myself two more minutes of calm before Badger, my 40-kilogram labradoodle, jumps on the bed and attempts to kiss my face with his sloppy tongue. Two more minutes before I face the reality that I entered an enduro race in a fit of confidence experienced while skiing (my stronger sport) on a powder day. Micayla Gatto also has a lot to answer for—I had “Ferda Girls” on repeat on Spotify. Kristen and Brooke from Girls on Dirt were launching an enduro event for…

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how to hike-a-bike up a mountain

First, we must define “hike-a-bike”: To be too tight to fork out cash for a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain, so deciding instead to clamber up by foot and by hand, alternating between bike under the arm and then on the back, and varying degrees in-between, whilst whingeing loudly, or suffering in silence and pretending to enjoy it. The first rule of the hike-a-bike is don’t do it, especially if you are 51 years old, with a spine like a wet noodle. Hire yourself a seat in a helicopter; don’t worry about the cost, you could have a heart attack and die at the top or get run over by a bus the next day, and that measly $1500 per hour won’t seem like much at all. (As a…