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Spoke strives to bring a fresh and innovative look at mountain biking through original content, bold design and high quality production values. It provides an unbiased look at the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa, consistently pushing the boundaries of mountain bike photography and graphic design. Spoke is published four times a year

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New Zealand
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1 min.
blank canvas

We turned up to this blank canvas on a beautiful clear afternoon. Conor built the takeoff, I cleared the landing, and as we did so a bank of clouds rolled in, killing the light. After all the prep that went in, we didn’t want to just leave, so we waited, just in case. Moments before the sun dipped under the horizon, it fired as it squeezed through the gap in the clouds, the light creeping up the valley and onto the tussocks, making a fitting canvas for a classic Conor table. Rider : Conor Macfarlane Location: Central Otago, NZ…

1 min.
welcome home

Jacob had just got back from spending the winter overseas and was keen to get back into the native Kiwi beech forest. I’d recently gotten a new camera and hadn’t given it a proper workout with bikes yet. We both wanted to shoot something new, so we headed down to Glenorchy and spent the afternoon riding the skate park waiting for the sun to drop behind the mountains so we could avoid the patchy light and let the greens of the forest really come through. This image was the result. Rider : Jacob O’Donoghue-Price Location: Glenorchy, NZ…

1 min.
getting off the beaten track

It’s not all big bikes and lift access in the Porte du Soleil region of the French Alps, as Charlotte finds out. With the sun-baked summer Europe was having, the trails around the Pleny lift were looking a little worse for wear, so we set off under our own power to escape the braking bumps and lift lines in an effort to shoot some of Morzine’s lesser-known delights. We were treated to lush green ferns, spectacular golden light (a rarity on the lower slopes of alpine terrain) and some of the raddest singletrack on offer! Rider : Charlotte Frost Location: Morzine, France…

1 min.
falling through the cracks

After a big storm, I had heard of a large landslip in the Upper Clutha area. Looking at a fuzzy phone photo taken of another phone photo, I thought I saw some new terrain, so I gave Kane Heka a ring and he was eager to check it out. After finding the spot and clawing our way up to the top, we discovered a side chute that looked rideable. Using other rocks to hack a sketchy traverse to the top, Kane set up and dropped in. The dirt was harder and faster than anticipated, and sent Kane firing into the runout. Luckily, we had just moved a few large boulders, and he was able to slash a few turns and stop in the ‘Plan B’ area. I love it when…

1 min.
electric rally

Mike and I had talked about shooting on e-bikes for a while and the forecast looked good, so we decided to go the next morning. As we were driving to the bottom of the trail, it started to rain. I was ready to turn around and go home, but with some convincing from Mike, we headed up the trail backwards and stomped our way up to the saddle hoping the cloud would clear. Lucky for us, the sun broke through the cloud and Mike rallied the bike into this corner as the sun dipped in and out of the clearing cloud. It’s hard to believe that half an hour beforehand it was pouring with rain. Rider : Mike Cowlin Location: Coppermine Trail, Nelson, NZ…

1 min.
the true professional

Straight off the lift and straight into it. Martin is a true professional. This shot was the first we took on this session high up in Whistler Bike Park. No test run, no stopping to scope the shot, just Martin tearing down the trail and gathering an astonishing amount of amplitude over a bridge I hadn’t even spotted. Perfectly positioned in a ray of light between the trees, sun glinting off this helmet, Martin shows us that perfection and style we’ve come to expect from the 6’5” Swede. Rider : Martin Söderström Location: Whistler, Canada…