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Spoke strives to bring a fresh and innovative look at mountain biking through original content, bold design and high quality production values. It provides an unbiased look at the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa, consistently pushing the boundaries of mountain bike photography and graphic design. Spoke is published four times a year

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New Zealand
Arrowsmith Media Ltd
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gallery no. 82

Photographer SCOTT ROBB I went full hipster on this one with Jacob. The shot is taken with the not so trusty Pentax6x7, which was first introduced the same year we went to the moon. With cameras now shooting 20 frames per second with insane auto focus, there’s something enticing about the challenge of shooting analog—you really have to focus on what’s important. CALLUM WOOD When it gets darker than a Stephen King novel, the shutter speeds drop. Queenstown can be a surprisingly difficult place to shoot; below the golden alpine and retreating beech forest sit the dark pines where most of our trails lie. It’s not uncommon to push 10,000 ISO in these spots, so to address this issue, pan shots often become a weapon of choice. CALEB SMITH Just because you’re an awesome rider, it…

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interesting times

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” - Hunter S. Thompson. It's been a strange year to date and there's no sign of it letting up anytime soon. We’re lucky that in New Zealand we’ve largely managed to avoid the worst impacts of Covid-19, with brief lockdowns and one of the world’s lowest death rates to date. Internationally, though, it’s been full-on. In the globally-connected world we live in, everyone knows someone who’s been affected overseas—whether it’s family members rushing to return home, or loved ones choosing to ride it all out on foreign shores. That’s before we consider the fires, storms, and protests (and Trump) we’re seeing abroad. Who knew living through a historic year would be so stressful? And then there are the regular dramas life throws at us. I think a…

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stuff buyer’s delight

MAXXIS REKON TYRE Maxxis reckon that this tread pattern has your back in intermediate and technical terrain. Whatever your schooling level, the wide centre knobs aid braking and the ‘L’ shaped side knobs will carve corners. Available in 24”, 27.5” and 29” diameters, you should be able to mullet just about anything. marleen.co.nz BRAAP WRAP Keep your beast beautiful with Braap Wrap. Self-healing, self-cleaning adhesive film to protect your frame from rock strikes, crashes and shuttle rash. Specific cut panels for your toptube, downtube, seatstay, chainstay and cable rub. Now if only your mate could keep his pedals away from your stanchions on the towball rack. braapwrap.co.nz BONTRAGER XR TRAIL COMP MTB GRIP SET Get a grip on sustainability say Bontrager. These grips feature a unique finned texture that conforms to your hand to keep…

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trails, trees & traps

Unsubstantiated fact: Wellington has the quickest downtown access to a myriad of quality mountain bike trails of any capital city in the world. Substantiated fact: Polhill Reserve—nestled between Aro Street to the north and the Brooklyn wind turbine to the south—is increasingly a goto destination for getting into nature by bike or on foot. Once you enter the Wellington City Council-managed Town Belt Reserve, three powerful forces come into play: trails, trees and traps—and they’re all enabled by dedicated volunteers. This trifecta of goodness enriches a locale that attracts an estimated 100,000 users per year. As the kākā flies, this playground and environmental success story is just an 11-minute bike ride from the heart of downtown Lambton Quay. Brooklyn Trail Builders (BTB) and the Polhill Protectors are two volunteer groups actively delivering the trails,…

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peddling cycles in a pandemic

It’s becoming obvious coronavirus is going to hang around for a while. Covid-19 has significant health implications for society, but arguably the more insidious effects aren’t directly health-related. Pausing nearly 40% of New Zealand’s economic activity (according to a Reserve Bank of New Zealand report) to stop the spread of the virus threw many stable businesses into turmoil, and continues to have widespread and indiscriminate effects. The tourism, retail, accommodation and hospitality sectors were disproportionately affected by the lockdown, with estimated economic activity levels just 19%-39% of that pre-coronavirus. It seemed almost certain the bicycle industry would feel a Covid-related pinch. As a retail and manufacturing-based industry teetering on the brink of a recession, it was hard to remain positive. Indeed, this was the immediate reaction of Rocky Mountain distributor Pete…

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adventure chips

Griffin — My name is Griff, I am 51 weeks & 6 days old, 72 cm tall, 10.23kg and wear size 20 flats. I ride a 10.5kg single wheel trailer with a 2.34m wheel base and full steel roll cage. Features include a halo headset, five-point Travis Pastrana racing harness, mud shield and a Westcoast rain cover. Out back I’m running 200mm SR Suntour suspension with 47Psi, two volume spacers and one click of rebound. Dadda tells me it’s all about the sleep to shred ratio (SSR), plush enough to take a nap, not so plush that I miss all the action up front. Speaking of up front, all this ebike chat is so 2019, I have my own external human power supply (EHPS). Its voice activated, so the louder…