Sporting Gun February 2021

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family day

Into the valley Situated in a small, Leicestershire valley and overlooked by Burrough Hill fort, Moscow Farm is the perfect place from which to lay siege to a few gamebirds. And to share the experience with close friends and family. Such is the sense of camaraderie here that when the syndicate was threatened by the retirement of its creators, family members Dan Moulds and his brother-in-law Philip Stimson stepped into their boots last season. In addition to wonderful scenery and great sport, conservation work has made it a bird-spotters paradise, too.…

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i am sure many of us will be glad that we have kicked 2020 out of the door.

I had hoped that 2021 would be a year of rebuilding, but as I write a new variant of coronavirus is already taking its toll in south-east England and this will undoubtedly have an impact on the shooting community. The owner of a small shoot confided in me the other day saying he might not make it through to the next season. It’s a story I am hearing from all over the country. Small shoots that have been hit the hardest because they are solely reliant on shoot days. Many of the large estates didn’t bother with this season because to them shooting income is just the icing on the cake as they have many sources of income. So when you reflect on your season, spare a thought for shoot owners who…

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Grouse shoots to be licensed in Scotland Shooting groups have expressed their dismay at the Scottish government’s decision to introduce a licensing regime for grouse moors in the country. The proposal was announced by Mairi Gougeon, the rural affairs minister, at the end of November in response to the Werritty Reporton grouse moor management in the country. The report had recommended the introduction of licensing five years hence but only if there had been “no marked improvement in the ecological sustainability of grouse moor management”. The Scottish government chose to ignore the advice of Professor Alan Werritty and his expert panel. Ms Gougeon acknowledged that it was a “complex issue” which attracted “strong views”. The threat is that a licence could be withdrawn if the government is not satisfied its terms are being…

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news in brief

IWA ’21 cancelled The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on the shooting world and the 2021 IWA Outdoor Classics Show has been cancelled. The show, one of the highlights of the European shooting calendar, was due to take place in Nuremberg from 12 to 15 March. Organisers issued a statement saying that rising infection rates, various quarantine rules and travel restrictions have rendered it impossible for exhibitors and visitors to make any firm plans and as such they made the decision to cancel. The next IWA Outdoor Classics will take place in Nuremberg from 3 to 6 March 2022. Support for hen harriers BASC has given financial support to Natural England for its winter monitoring scheme of hen harriers. The winter roost monitoring scheme is an integral part of a six-part…

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the details

GL40 CONSERVATION OF ENDANGERED WILD BIRDS OR FLORA AND FAUNA This replaces GL34 and the main difference is apparent in the title. The previous licence covered activities for conserving all wild birds; now you may only use it to conserve endangered wild birds. These are defined as birds of conservation concern which appear on the red (67 species) or amber (96) list. Numerous species, especially of garden birds, which are on the green list are no longer included because they are not regarded as endangered. Nor does it allow control to assist pheasants and red-legged partridges nesting in the wild. The species that may be controlled for the benefit of all endangered wild birds are Canada and Egyptian geese, carrion crow, magpie, and monk and ring-neck parakeets. Jays may be controlled only to…

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new general licences for england

The new general licences for England came into effect from 1 January and are valid for this calendar year. They were announced by Defra in November after the withdrawal and subsequent reinstatement following a challenge by Wild Justice. It would be nice to be able to say the new licences don’t differ much from their predecessors and superficially that is so but, as always, the devil is in the detail. If you intend to rely on one of the licences for pest bird control you must read it carefully to ensure you are conforming to the new law. Each licence is 11 pages but many features are common to all of them. We’ll take a detailed look at each, followed by the common features. Alternative lawful methods of control Before using any licence you…