Sporting Gun March 2021

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pigeon shooting

Days gone by Has pigeon shooting changed greatly over the decades or is it still much the same as it was 60 years ago, wonders Peter Theobald? We certainly have more gadgets and gizmos now, although the skills involved in building hides and decoying would be familiar to our predecessors. What has changed, however, is the presence of garden feeders and prevalence of oilseed rape – as shown here – which have provided the pigeon with a year-round food source. The humble pigeon is thriving, providing plenty of work for those whose job it is to protect crops. Find out more on Page 21…

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the game season came to a rather abrupt end thanks to covid-19 and many of us will be wondering about any excess birds on the ground.

We spoke to BASC, the NGO and GWCT who told us that the shoots that bravely went ahead this season had done a fantastic job of managing this unprecedented situation. These shoots released fewer birds, made the most of the days we were allowed to shoot by allowing bigger bags and packed in as many days as possible into a limited season. As a result there are relatively few birds remaining on the ground. Those that are left will have been caught up or will be fed until natural food is more abundant. It will be interesting to see how all this changes next season. Will there be more home-grown and mature birds? Are they going to make for more challenging shooting? I applaud the shoots who carried on in the face…

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Shoots ‘resourceful’ in dealing with lockdown issues Shoots have been busy at the season’s end ‘catching up’ any excess birds. Despite the two lockdowns during the season in England, even tighter restrictions in the rest of the UK, and many cancelled days, shoots have packed in extra days and allowed for bigger bags, which has headed off any potential excess issues. Dan Reynolds of BASC said that shoots were mindful of the likely coronavirus restrictions and consequently put down fewer birds, so the numbers were starting from a lower baseline. He said that the shooting community were a “resourceful bunch” and that when they were able to shoot they “made hay while the sun shone”. As a result, he said that “I don’t believe a huge excess to be the case”. Calls to extend the…

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news in brief

GWCT’s Black Friday boost The clothing brand Schöffel Country has raised nearly £12,000 for the GWCT. The money will be welcome for the GWCT, which has articulated the financial difficulties it has faced since the onset of the pandemic last year. The money was donated by Schöffel Country from sales it made during the ‘Black Friday’ week in the autumn. Le Chameau, the footwear brand, raised £17,000 for the Dog’s Trust in the same initiative, which saw the companies donate £5 to the charities from every sale. COVID-19 ferret update Defra has updated its advice with regard to ferrets and COVID-19 for England. The advice is that ferrets should be isolated for 21 days if the owner of a ferret or ferrets or the owner’s household is isolating, and/ or the ferret(s) have…

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home office firearms safety consultation

What is it about civil servants that they feel the need for endless tinkering with firearms legislation? They’re at it again with a consultation on proposals which have little merit but will increase the weight and complexity of legislation that airgun and other firearms users will have to cope with. This needs to be resisted by the shooting community. The Home Office is proposing a significant increase in the security requirement for airguns when children are present on the premises. Currently you need only to prevent under-18s from having an airgun with them. In future you’ll need to lock it away, though not necessarily in a gun cupboard. Worse still, it is proposing to abolish the legislation that permits teenagers aged 14 to 18 to use an airgun unsupervised on private premises.…

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a countryman and a scholar

Simon Denny has had a career as interesting and varied as some of the terrain he has enjoyed shooting on. His childhood was spent in Essex before he went to Sandhurst and joined the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. After leaving the Army he became head of corporate management development for the supermarket chain Tesco. That would, perhaps, be enough for most people but not Simon, who moved into academia. He became executive dean: research, impact and enterprise at the University of Northampton. It was in this latter role that Simon was engaged in work of direct relevance to the Sporting Guncommunity of readers. This included work on the positive effect shooting has on well-being and, with his colleague Tracey Latham-Green, on the beneficial impacts a co-ordinated moorland management programme has for…