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I have a confession to make – I’ve never owned a Windows laptop. My portable computing odyssey began back in 2006 with a first-gen Apple MacBook in Stay Another Day white polycarbonate, and has since evolved to not one but three MacBook Airs of various ages and specs running all at once. By the end of the decade I’d descended so deeply into the macOS well, I’d become too lazy to contemplate climbing out and trying another ecosystem. Fast-forward to today, however, and a growing reliance on G Suite and Office 365 has got me wondering whether to go down the Windows or Chromebook route. Fanning the flames of indecision further is the fact that, in this age of productivity, PC laptops have diversified to such an extent that it’s now easier…

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our month

I SAW MASSIVE ATTACK REDEFINE LIVE CONCERT VISUALS… AGAIN Cornwall’s Eden Project is a mesmerising backdrop for any band to perform when its rainforest biomes are illuminated at night. When that band is Massive Attack the on-stage visuals cause sensory overload – especially when frontman Robert Del Naja manipulates his face in real time with augmented reality. Check out Fantom, an algorithmic sensory app allowing you to remix their songs in tandem with your heart rate. James Day, Editor I HAD A POKE AROUND THE LAST POLAROID ORIGINALS FACTORY The Impossible Project was made possible when a few analogue-heads pooled together to take Polaroid Originals back to its former glory. In full swing, the Dutch factory is a huge and complex network of living, breathing, spluttering machines, and it takes at least two years…

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hot stuff

TECH SPECS ● Screen 6.42in ● Processor Snapdragon 845 ● RAM 8GB ● OS Android 8 with ColorOS 5.1 ● Cameras 16MP + 20MP rear, 25MP front ● Battery 3730mAh ● Storage 256GB ● Dimensions 157x74x9.4mm, 186g HOT FOUR #1 THE SLIDE OF YOUR LIFE OPPO FIND X We’ve all got hidden talents. You, sir, with the haircut, that thing you can do with your elbows is spectacular. You should do it more often. And you, madam, wearing that snazzy hat, don’t be ashamed of your weirdly flexible nostrils – they’ll come in useful one day. Oppo’s Find X is no different. With phone designers now banishing almost everything except the screen from their devices, but users demanding things like multiple camera lenses and fingerprint scanners, these talents have to be hidden away somewhere else. Vaguely reminiscent of the old slider phones…

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skew the music

$699 / HIGH-END DACs MAKE OBSCURE NEIL YOUNG B-SIDES SOUND STUDIO-FRESH The A&norma SR15 seems anything but normal. Despite being one of Astell & Kern’s more affordable premium portable music players, it’s by far its boldest in terms of design – and the on-paper specs suggest it should sound just as remarkable… ● Wonky-tonk women The SR15’s skewed screen is a trouser-twisting breath of fresh air. The 3.3in 800x480 display looks like it’s been rotated a few degrees, and that hasn’t been done simply to confuse you – it actually gives the user’s fingers more places to grip on the chunky aluminium body without blocking any of the screen. ● Jumpin’ DAC flash Of course, a hi-res music player truly lives and dies on its audio performance, and on that front the SR15 looks well-served.…

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giga pixel

NEWS FEED LAB YOUR OPPORTUNITY Still looking for a sweetener to tempt you into picking up a Nintendo Labo kit? How about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe compatibility, so you can use your cardboard handlebars to play? Nintendo says Labo support for other Switch games is in the pipeline. BLOCKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD While they may look like toothbrush heads, rumour has it that the second version of Apple’s wireless in-ear AirPods will have water-resistance and noise-cancelling – good news for fitness types and those who hate the sound of howling babies. EASED LIGHTNING Is there anything more exciting than a new portable powerbank? Yes, loads of things, but iOS users should pay attention: Belkin’s Boost Charge Power Bank 10K can be topped up via a Lightning cable. That should shave a few seconds off your…

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1 AudioKit Synth One £free / iPad Synth One’s freebie nature instantly makes it the bargain of the year. You get superb presets, loads of knobs to twiddle, and support for IAA, MIDI and Audiobus. 2 Please, Don’t Touch Anything VR £7.99 / Android A colleague nips to the toilet, leaving you before a mysterious console in all its VR glory. But it’s impossible to not have a fiddle… Oops! 3 Kind of Soccer £free / iOS, Android Kind of Soccer replaces goals with cathartically booting the ball into a ref’s face. Do well and you get power-ups like lasers, so he has nowhere to hide. 4 BBC Sounds £free / iOS, Android Video may have killed the radio star, but the Beeb thinks there’s life in the old medium yet. Its new app provides 80,000 hours of radio and lets…