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Throw your jazz hands in the air, because we’re entering the ‘crazy’ period of the year for new tech. The mayhem kicks off with Europe’s biggest gadget show, IFA, closely followed by Apple’s inevitable iPhone announcements, all potentially trumped by Google’s Pixel 3. Companies are clambering for a piece of the Christmas pie – and if you think it’s too soon to say that word, you’re absolutely right, but that hasn’t stopped brands peddling forthcoming festive kit since July. So we decided to compile the mother of all wish lists way ahead of time and measure up how much space we’ll need under the tree. Turns out it’s more of a forest. Everything in the top 100 most wanted has been personally and painstakingly selected by Stuff staff, and involved more anguished…

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I TURNED MY LEGS INTO JELLY TESTING A RUGGED PHONE Most tech can be tested in an office – even drones if you’re willing to risk getting in trouble with HR. Rugged phones, though, require a much more gruelling environment for testing… so I took a trek down to the south coast to see whether Land Rover’s new Explore phone could handle a proper hiking adventure. As you’ll find on page 80, it completed the challenge with fairly decent results. My poor scrawny legs, however, didn’t fare so well. Ryan Jones, Staff Writer I DROVE AUDI’S RANGE ROVER RIVAL AROUND THE HOME COUNTIES I’ll take any old excuse to stay over in a Grade I-listed stately home designed by Sir John Soane, but when it involves driving the latest Audi Q8 you won’t be…

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21 PAGES OF THE BIGGEST STORIES FROM PLANET TECH HOT FOUR #1 S PEN A LITTLE TIME WITH ME Samsung Galaxy Note9 Buying a phone from Samsung’s Galaxy Note line is a bit like dining at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. In the same way that a fourth plate of spicy chicken wings is probably a bit excessive, few people really need the extra screen size and specs of the Galaxy Note9… but when it’s right in front of you, it can be hard to resist taking that little bit more. Especially as phones, unlike dinners, can’t cause a long night on the toilet. So, what can giant-handed fans expect from this year’s stylus-wielding super phablet? Even more, basically. At 6.4in, the Super AMOLED screen is a staggering 0.1in bigger than the Note8’s offering, while a…

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Sony Master Series AF9 £tba / Coming in 55in and 65in models, Sony’s new AF9 flagship TV ticks all the boxes you’d expect – OLED, Ultra HD, HDR – as well as a few more exciting extras • Whoa-LED! The AF9’s 4K OLED screen comes with a truly dizzying array of tech trickery to send your retinas reeling, most of it powered by its electronic brain: the all-new X1 Ultimate processor. This chip detects and analyses every object on screen to boost its detail, and Sony says HDR – which comes in Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma flavours here – gets a drastic bump as a result. • Stream lover The clearest example of Sony’s priorities here is Netflix Calibrated Mode. This special viewing setting, developed in partnership with the streaming service, adjusts…

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LICENCE TO BUILD We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know it would be this cool. Fans of Bond and plastic bricks will be chuffed to learn that Lego has unveiled its 1290-piece replica of the Aston Martin DB5 made famous by Goldfinger in 1964. As intricate as you’d expect, the Lego tribute to 007’s famous silver Aston mimics the original’s curvaceous exterior, complete with wire wheel-rim inserts and a straight-six engine under the bonnet. But it wouldn’t be a Bond car without gadgets. Hidden machine guns are activated by triggers in the car, tyre-slashing blades pop out from the wheels, and the number plates rotate. Best of all, though, is the working ejector seat. Obviously. NEWS FEED KEEP IT WHEEL Done all you can with elaborate pianos and fishing rods? Not to…

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1 Snoozle £free / Android, iOS This split-personality alarm clock serenades you to sleep with the sounds of rainforests and crackling fires. In the morning you’re roused by messages sent by friends. Hope they don’t go in for screaming. 2 Travis & Fripp £2.99 each / iOS Having squeezed a digital Brian Eno onto iPhone, Peter Chilvers manages the same trick with Theo Travis and Robert Fripp. Three apps provide a trio of endless chill-out experiences akin to live performances. 3 Moment Pro Camera £2.99 / iOS • £1.79 / Android Manual cameras are great… until you realise you’ve messed up settings while sorting your shot. Moment puts you right with speedy double-tap presets and a slew of other fab pro-level features. 4 Timeshifter £free (IAPs) / Android, iOS Zombified after a trip abroad? Timeshifter may lack a magical ‘stop getting…