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How’s that phone contract coming along? Time for an upgrade? Feeling flush and reckon a SIM-free deal is in the offing? The good news is, things have royally kicked off in the mobile world with a selection of seriously smooth new smartphones vying for your hard-earned green queens. So Stuff got down to the business of dissecting the latest and greatest handsets from major players like Huawei, Google and Sony. The competition proved tighter than a Strictly dancer’s paso doble trousers – find out how it panned out on p38. But if you can’t see past a collection of iPhone clones and yearn for the simple life, check out the retro tech love-in on p74, where we’ve gone all dewy-eyed over classically designed mobile devices making a comeback. Games consoles, cameras,…

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our month

I LOST MY HEART TO A PHANTOM A few weeks ago, I found myself in a fancy hotel sat on a plush floral armchair, eyes closed, nodding my head slowly to an incredibly clear studio recording of some smooth jazz. Because that’s what audiophiles do. This was all to mark the arrival of a new sound baby: the Reactor, which is a miniaturised version of Devialet’s high-end Phantom. It’s beautiful and it’s premium and I left with watery eyes as the music touched my soul, and because £990 does not make it “accessible for all”. Natalya Paul, Online Editor I CONSIGNED MY 4K TELLY TO THE TECH DUSTBIN You know a TV is good when it makes you forget you’re in a penthouse apartment with spectacular real-world views over the Thames, but that’s what…

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hot stuff

KEY SPECS ● 5.5in Full HD OLED (3), 6.3in QHD OLED (3 XL) ● Snapdragon 845 ● 4G RAM ● Android 9 ● 64/128GB storage ● 12MP rear, dual 8MP front ● 2915mAh (3), 3430 mAh (3 XL) HOT FOUR #1 HOW DEEP IS YOUR NOTCH? GOOGLE PIXEL 3 & PIXEL 3 XL Last year’s Pixel phones offered a leap in quality, but something was missing: wireless charging. So for Google’s third roll of the superphone dice it’s called in the glaziers. No, not the owners of Manchester United (that’s the Glazers), but a glass backing to facilitate battery boosts sans cable. The shinier Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are mostly identical in terms of features, but the standard Pixel 3 packs a 5.5in Full HD OLED display with a sleeker design than before,…

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amazon’s echo chamber

THE SEQUEL TO THE FIRST-GEN ECHO SHOW LOOKS MORE PROMISING AND FAR MORE PRACTICAL It’s nothing short of Alexa madness. In a bid to put a smart speaker in not just every home but every single room, cabinet and cupboard in every home, Amazon has unleashed an army of fresh Echo speakers and more upon the world… ● Amazon Echo Dot £50 The third generation of the cutest, cheapest and best-selling flavour of Echo to date, the new Dot remains a small circular speaker and is the simplest way to get a self-contained Alexa-equipped product in your home. While some things haven’t changed, other parts have undergone a welcome overhaul – namely a new, larger, 1.6in speaker, which Amazon says results in 70% louder sound. It also comes with a much nattier look,…

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devialet phantom reactor

CONTROL THE PHANTOM WIRELESSLY OR VIA THE BUTTONS ON THE CHASSIS from £990 / Er, is that thing nuclear? We haven’t turned it all the way up yet, but based on how loud its elder brother was able to go, it could well be. Devialet’s Phantom Reactor is a smaller version of 2010’s Phantom – an extremely powerful wireless speaker. The Phantom Reactor is a quarter of the size of its predecessor, small enough to be held in one hand, but if you plump for the more expensive 900W model it packs just 25% less power. If you think that might annoy the neighbours a bit, there’s also a 600W version. Which is half as much power as the old Phantom, right? Good maths. Want some more numbers? Both versions weigh 4.3kg, which is…

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? wtf is oculus quest?

Oculus Quest? Sounds like a cancelled Channel 4 game show. Maybe, but no. Oculus Quest represents Facebook’s biggest shake-up of virtual reality since, well, the Oculus Go. While that headset introduced us to wireless, faff-free VR that doesn’t require a smartphone or crazy-powerful PC in tandem, Oculus Quest has Zuckerberg and co taking the idea a step further. It’s still entirely standalone, but now you have six-degrees-of-freedom movement tracking, so you can stand up and move inside the virtual space. So it’s better for gaming, then? Much. Oculus Go was a perfectly decent entry-level VR headset, but it was a bit too restrictive to be seen as an on-the-go gaming device. By contrast, Quest is being pitched as a gaming system… and while we can’t promise you won’t look like a pillock in…