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For 11 months of the year, the Stuff team wouldn’t say boo to a robo-goose. But then we get to our annual Gadget Awards issue, and they become more hyped up than a pre-fight Conor McGregor. Whether it’s Apple vs Huawei, Netflix vs Now TV or Red Dead vs God of War, there's no shortage of passionate debates to be had over the winners. Thankfully, though, the only things bruised were a few egos, and everyone on the team can agree that each of our 21 categories has a winner that represents the very best in tech. It all starts on page 30 – and also includes some great choices for Phone and Gadget of the Year from you, our readers. With another Christmas over, thoughts turn to improving ourselves in…

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I TOOK A MAGIC LEAP INTO THE FUTURE You can’t see it, but on the table in the photo below sits a fortress manned by green pigs, and I’m carefully aiming a slingshot at a box of TNT in the hope I can blow it to smithereens. Rovio’s Angry Birds is the first game I’ve played on the Magic Leap One, an as-yet unreleased mixed reality headset. Unlike VR, which takes you somewhere else entirely, MR projects reactive 3D objects onto the real world, so I’m fully aware of how daft I look. Matt Tate, Hot Stuff Editor I LET STRANGERS FERRET THROUGH MY FRIDGE I moved into my new home this month, and immediately set about installing all of Stuff’s top-rated smart home tech from Nest, Netatmo and Philips Hue. But my favourite…

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HOT FOUR #1 WORTH THE GIMBAL DJI OSMO POCKET A super-powerful video camera in your pocket?! You’ve had one of those for ages, it’s true. But a smartphone can’t capture gloriously judder-free 4K footage like DJI’s new Osmo Pocket can. The Pocket is the smallest three-axis-stabilised handheld camera DJI has ever made, barely more obtrusive than a Mars bar and weighing in at just 116g (exactly two Mars bars!). The mechanical gimbal automatically counters your shaky hands with movements of its own, ensuring your video is always buttery-smooth. It’s paired with a 1/2.3in CMOS sensor that can shoot 4K at 60fps for up to 140 minutes, although you’re likely to get closer to that at 30fps. There’s a little touchscreen for lining up your shot and switching between modes – such as ActiveTrack…

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Arlo Ultra £369 / Arlo’s latest Wi-Fi security camera keeps an Ultra HD eye on your gaff • Shadow play Netflix and Sky Q might have decent-sized catalogues of 4K movies… but if you want to make your own Ultra HD version of Crimewatch, Winterwatch, You’ve Been Framed and Big Brother all rolled into one, you need one of Arlo’s new wireless security cameras. Not only does the Ultra record in 4K, but it supports HDR as well – so even if someone tries to hide in the shadows there’ll still be plenty of detail in the darker bits of the footage. Not that there will be many shadows to hide in, because the Ultra has a bright, motion-activated spotlight, plus a siren to scare off any intruders. • The devil’s in the detail Some…

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arc vector

from £90,000 / Elon Musk at it again? Actually no, but we’re pretty sure the billionaire flamethrower manufacturer and future Mars resident would love to see a Tesla logo on this two-wheeled marvel, and RoboCop would no doubt love to ride it. This is the Arc Vector (no relation to the Anki Vector, as far as we’re aware). It is, according to its maker, the world’s first fully electric cafe racer Sweet. Now give me numbers. This futuristic motorcycle can do 0-60mph in the precise time it takes us to execute three star jumps (3.1 seconds) and has a top speed of just over 124mph. And with an urban range of 200 miles, or 120 if you’ve really got the throttle opened up, there’s no need to constantly be worrying about where your…

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APPLE GETS ECHO-FRIENDLY If you’ve been paying any attention to the war of the cylindrical smart speakers, you’ll know that operating Apple Music with your voice has been a feature exclusive to Apple’s own HomePod. But no longer will greedy DJ Siri get to hog all your tunes, as the service is now available as a skill on Amazon Echo devices. BOSE REVEALS TECH SPECS When you think of AR, you think of Pikachu, Ikea sofas and spaceships, right? Well, Bose sees (or hears) it a little differently. Its $200 Frames, available for pre-order in the USA, use motion sensors and your phone’s GPS to provide audio feedback, via tiny speakers, on what your peepers are peeping at. ALEXA HOOKS A BASS Alexa gets everywhere these days, doesn’t she? Phones, cars, toilets… and now novelty…