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There’s never a dull moment here at Stuff, but as far as I’m concerned the best week of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show. As I write this from Las Vegas, I’ve just seen a rollable TV from LG, one of the first OLED laptops from HP, and a Matrix smartwatch that doesn’t need to be charged because it uses solar energy and body heat instead. But the most exciting thing about the show is that it’s full of things you’ll actually be able to buy… THIS YEAR! Be warned, though: there’s a lot of dangerously good kit coming out in 2019. We scoured the convention for the best of the best in our Hot Stuff CES Special, which begins on page eight. One of the things I’ve become dependent on…

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our month

I WOWED A GIRAFFE WITH MY PIANO SKILLS Prior to having one of these in my living room, my musical repertoire extended to Chopsticks. Thankfully The One, a surprisingly light and well-built keyboard that connects to an app full of lessons and sheet music (from Chopin to Shakira), has allowed me to indulge in evenings bemoaning the dark nights through melancholic plinking. The notes light up on the keys you need to play and there’s even a sustain button, which is excellent for gloomy oomph. Natalya Paul, Online Editor I PONCED ABOUT ON A HI-TECH YACHT The most ridiculous thing at CES? A $4.5m yacht, built in Turkey and shipped over to Vegas. It was to show off Furrion’s nautical version of Alexa, dubbed ‘Angel’, which allows you to ask for the weather, then…

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hot stuff

CES 2019 SPECIAL HOT SEVEN #1 THE LIMP BIZKIT OF TELLIES LG Signature OLED TV R Roll up, roll up, gather round to witness the amazing disappearing TV. It looks just like a regular 65in flatscreen television, right? Turn it on and the display will light up with all the dazzling whites and deep blacks we’ve come to expect from OLED tech. It can even handle 4K resolution, while the built-in AI processing is constantly working to make sure the picture looks as eye-popping as possible. Underneath is a base that doubles as a 4.2-channel, 100W Dolby Atmos speaker system, but the real magic starts when you stop watching it. At the touch of a button, all 65in of the Signature OLED TV R start to roll up inside the base. After about 15…

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talk to the hand(lebars)

£1000 (approx) / Yep, Alexa’s cropping up in basically anything with a battery in 2019 – which includes the forthcoming Cybic Legend, a hybrid road bike with more smarts than the average two-wheeled trundler • Amazon explorer Wherever the bike goes, Alexa is available – whether you have your phone with you or not. That’s because Amazon’s voice assistant is baked into the Legend itself, allowing the rider to access features such as turn-by-turn navigation, traffic and weather updates, ride performance data and an HD music player, without removing their mitts from the handlebars. Alexa can talk to you through Bluetooth headphones, but there’s also a built-in touchscreen just below the handlebars to provide info and physical controls. • Wheely well connected The Cybic Legend comes with a built-in Vodafone 3G SIM with three…

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sony lspx-s2 glass sound speaker

An oil lamp? That’ll come in handy if Brexit goes a bit wrong. Don’t be silly. All we’ll have left to burn then will be piles of useless old maroon passports, Piers Morgan’s share of the vegan sausage rolls and offcuts of Boris Johnson’s hair. This, however, should still come in useful when the electricity runs out… at least for a while. Sony’s LSPX-S2, or Glass Sound Speaker to its friends, is a wireless noise-maker that doubles as a lamp, with a built-in rechargeable battery offering eight hours of music streaming at maximum illumination – and you can make it last longer than that by switching to a dimmer, more romantic setting. There’s nothing romantic about Brexit, pal. Sorry. Let’s avoid alienating any more Leave-supporting readers and stick to the facts. The LSPX-S2…

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?wtf is lovot?

Does this thing want to murder me? No. We need to look past our pop culture conditioning and realise that while, yes, some robots undoubtedly plot bloodshed and rebellion, they’re not all bad. Lovot is a good robot, here only to spread love. Hmm. So what does this admittedly adorable hooded robo-freak do? Lovot has a single mission statement: nurture your capacity to love, if that still exists. A major hit as this year’s CES, the surprisingly tech-loaded bot demands attention, with clever pressure sensors dotted all over its body letting it know you’re providing the required cuddle, and two beady eyes to stare you out with. It’ll behave like a person, giggling when you tickle it, falling asleep when you rock it, and sulking when you’re watching the football. The robot uses…