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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not that, the other one. The one where it’s T-shirt weather in the manor, you’ve dismissed the notion of wearing sunscreen in a foolhardy act of defiance, and there’s no way you can have too many ‘festival strength’ ciders. Scrumpy? No I’m not, leave me alone. When the drunken haze starts to lift and you awake looking like a cross between an anaesthetised Troll doll and a post-spray Donald Trump, take a moment to stop and smell the roses because, hayfever notwithstanding, Britain is in bloom. The colours of summer make this the perfect time to get to grips with a new camera. So we’ve pulled together the ultimate collection of snappers for every occasion, plus expert tips to up your photographic game.…

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making stuff up

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our month

I BECAME A GOVERNMENT CAR GEEK How’d you like to hear all about methods of validation? Nobody? What about driverless cars? Ah, there we go. We’re a long way from truly autonomous vehicles, but state-funded initiatives like Move_UK are taking us ever closer. I went to Greenwich to see Bosch and Jaguar Land Rover’s fleet of vehicles – fitted with data-recording sensors and sent out to gather real-world data covering 120,000 miles. Now, back to those methods of validation… Natalya Paul, Online Editor I’VE BEEN RIDING AROUND IN THE MATRIX No, not the actual Matrix with Keanu, but the new lights-built-in helmet from Lumos. Its front light has been doubled in brightness from the previous version and the rear now boasts an LED matrix (hence the name) – the array can display multiple patterns…

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these go down to eleven

20 PAGES OF THE BIGGEST STORIES FROM PLANET TECH When Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel confidently demonstrated that his amp’s dials went up to 11 rather than the usual 10, it was in the mistaken belief that it meant he could play louder than anyone else. Like the guitar hero’s special Marshall, Bose’s new Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 also go to 11… but with these sleekly designed Bluetooth cans it’s all about how quiet they can make things. Each setting offers a different level of hubbub reduction, meaning you should be able to find one to suit pretty much every situation you can imagine. There’s a new four-microphone system for making calls without being drowned out by your fellow commuters, but it’s support for the company’s new augmented reality platform that sets…

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read ’em and weep

Short of being framed for drug smuggling and getting banged up in a prison that makes Wormwood Scrubs look like the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, nothing spoils a holiday like dropping your book in the pool. And just as you were getting to a good bit as well. A dip like that would be RIP for any paperback, but if you’re turning the virtual pages of Amazon’s latest Kindle Oasis, you can just fish it out and carry on reading thanks for its IPX8 waterproofing. In fact, you can leave it submersed in two metres of fresh water for up to 60 minutes before you have to retrieve it, although holding your breath down there for that long will make reading the 7in E Ink display trickier than is strictly necessary,…

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paddy cool

If there’s one thing Microsoft is exceptionally good at – other than irritating animated paperclips – it’s games in which you shoot things. And while titles like Halo Infinite grabbed headlines at E3 (which you can read all about on page 18), team Xbox announced an updated version of the pad that hardcore gamers will be using to play them. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 (rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) lives up to its name – the ‘Elite’ part, that is – with adjustable-tension thumbsticks for added aiming precision. You have a choice of three resistance settings, including the option to replicate the Xbox 360 and standard Xbox One pads. And that’s not all. Wraparound rubberised grips now extend to the top of the controller, while shorter…