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Back to life, back to reality. It’s unlikely the lyrics to Soul II Soul’s seminal 1989 smash hit were intended to encapsulate the frustration that summertime is coming to an end, but (with apologies to Jazzie B) I’ve hijacked them for my own designs. Forget the holiday romance – it’s back to the here and now for the entrepreneurs, the grafters, the influencers and the future of our great nation: students. So we’ve put together a 12-page guide to the best computers, peripherals and apps to supercharge your productivity wherever you do your best work. If that means commuting, get there in something that appeals to wallets, ears and the planet: a silent and smooth electric car. On the Stuff forecourt for September you’ll find our favourite EVs road-tested and rated, including…

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I FELT THE ADIDAS BOOST… …and then I felt the blow as English sprinter Desiree Henry tagged me in a game of human Pac-Man – where we, the semi-fit mortals, had to run along lines on the ground without getting caught by the ghosts, a pack of sinewy elite athletes. We were all equipped with the greatest of running shoes, Adidas’s Ultraboost 19s, which look as though tiny marshmallows have been densely packed into the soles for extra bounce. Now why couldn’t the event have focused on real marshmallows? Natalya Paul, Online Editor I SAT IN A LEGO SUPERCAR The Goodwood Festival of Speed is like Glastonbury for car geeks, but even my nerd barometer topped out at spotting a full-scale replica of the McLaren Senna supercar constructed from 500,000 Lego bricks. At 1518kg…

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HOT FOUR #1 SECRETS OF AREA 61 Sony A7R IV ‘All-rounder’ is often a euphemism for ‘not that good at anything’. But Sony’s A7R IV is happy taking snaps in so many different situations, it doesn’t need euphemisms. The world’s first 61MP full-frame camera, the A7R IV combines a whip-smart 567-point autofocus system, 10fps burst shooting and five-axis in-body image stabilisation to take everything in its stride, with that monster of a sensor ensuring each picture is absolutely packed with detail. Whether you’re shooting studio portraits, the 110m hurdles, a pride of lions stalking their prey or some mysterious aircraft zipping over the Nevada desert, the A7R IV has the power and practicality to cope with them all. And Sony’s included its AI-based real-time tracking system, which includes Eye AF for your two-and…

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Sony WF-1000XM3 £220 / If you’re not a huge fan of people, the benefits of active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones are obvious; but not everyone wants to look like a sound engineer while rejecting humanity, so Sony has crammed the tech into a pair of wireless earbuds… Tyrannosaurus X It’s not quite on the Jurassic Park scale, but Sony has been doing a bit of DNA-splicing by taking a dash of design from its lauded WF-1000X in-ear predecessors and pairing it with the QN1e HD noise-cancelling chip from Stuff’s No1 over-ears, the WH-1000XM3s. Add in Dual Noise Sensor Technology – forward and rear-facing mics to pick up ambient noise – and there’s a claimed 40% bump in blocking out background commotion. Velocirapture The 24-bit QN1e chip powers Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX tech for upscaling compressed…

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MINIT £4.19 / Android £4.99 / iOS Subverting a genre can make the old seem fresh. In Minit, the all-important twist is that you only have a minute to win it. But this isn’t a fraught arcade test – instead, it resembles a retro RPG. As you dart about a tiled landscape, the chunky visuals screaming ‘GAME BOY!’ at your retinas, you can’t help but notice the clock ticking down from 60. When it reaches zero, you’re dead. The usual ambling about is replaced by focused path-finding, and frantically completing missions before you expire. You gradually chip away at the larger quest, but this will happen in bite-sized goes on the bus rather than marathon sessions before the telly.…

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1 Firefox Preview £free / Android It seems barely a month passes without the Firefox folks nuking one Android browser then foisting a new one on us. If you’ve the stomach for more, Firefox Preview is fast, powerful and private. 2 GIFwrapped £free / iOS In the future, all communication will be by emoji and gif. Prepare for the latter by using this major update to GIFwrapped, and sort yourself a collection of classics. Or just guffaw at funny cats. 3 Pixaloop £free (IAPs) / Android Don’t let Harry Potter and chums have all the fun – get Pixaloop to animate your still images. Use a finger to mask areas, draw animation paths, say your favourite magic word (if you want to) and you’re there. 4 Groovepad £free (IAPs) / Android Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Novation Launchpad on…