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I accidentally climbed a mountain recently. No, seriously, I’m terrified of heights and it was traumatic. I thought we were going for a walk, but as I reached the 3694ft summit of Ben Cruachan and stared at the chasm below it dawned on me that the light was fading and panic set in. I reached the bottom at dusk, where fresh kecks were in order. Had I been privy to the night-time special in this issue, maybe I’d have been in possession of some wares to ease the torment. Gadgets for after-dark off-piste adventures, kit to keep you visible and comfortable under moonlight and illuminating bike tech all star. We’ve also picked the best gear for gazing at the night sky as the clocks change, Halloween approaches and we all celebrate…

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our month

I GOT THE COVER IMAGE FOR MY MEMOIRS SORTED I’ve had the iPhone 11 Pro in my hands for only a few hours, and between you and me it’s just like my last iPhone… except the camera is fricking awesome. There’s now an extra ultra-wide lens and the Night Mode sees a huge improvement. But just for fun, this is the high-key light filter in Portrait Mode, making any photo of yourself look like the front cover of your autobiography. Don’t ask me how my hair resembles that of a troll. You’ll have to read the book. Natalya Paul, Online Editor I RECREATED SKYFALL… WITH A VOLVO The Scottish Highlands are pretty tricky terrain from a roadside assistance perspective. James Bond’s swagger may have suited a vintage Aston Martin, but James Day’s recreation of…

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hot stuff

HOT NINE #1 PRO’S POETRY Apple iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max Apple has been making Macs, MacBooks and IPads for ‘Pros’ for a long time now, but we’ve had to wait until number 11 for it to stick the ‘P’ word on the end of an IPhone. But you can’t accuse the IPhone 11 Pro of not taking its title seriously. It’s forged of hardy surgical-grade stainless steel and has a new Super Retina XDR display, which means HDR10+, spatial audio, Dolby Vision and Atmos support. And at 1200 nits, you’ll be able to see it from Mars. The IPhone 11 Pro is available in 5.8in and 6.5in screen sizes; pick up the latter and you’ll see ‘IPhone 11 Pro Max’ written on the box – size aside, the specs are the same.…

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glance would be a fine thing

We loved the Apple Watch Series 4. Not only was it the best smartwatch, but it could literally save your life. Series 5 isn’t such a big upgrade, but its always-on display does make it easier to stealthily check how much longer you have to sit in a boring meeting. •Always on On every previous Apple Watch you’d need to flick your wrist or tap the glass to illuminate the OLED display. That changes with Series 5, which employs an always-on LTPO display. When you’re not looking at it, the display will intelligently dim just enough to remain visible at a glance. Raise the watch to your face and it’ll switch to full brightness. Each watch face has been optimised to drain as little juice as possible: Apple says battery life matches…

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sony walkman nw-a100tps

I appear to be reading an issue of Stuff from the late ’70s. I didn’t know it existed then? Much as we’d have loved having an Atari 2600 on the cover, Stuff did not exist then, and you remain very much in the present day. But your eyes do not deceive you: that is a Walkman. In the September issue we marked the 40th anniversary of Sony’s legendary portable cassette player with a look back at the icon that is the TPS-L2. We can only assume our considerable influence has led one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics companies to create this: a 40th anniversary NW-A100TPS personal music player with a specially designed soft case and retro packaging. Nostalgic nerds everywhere owe you a pint, Stuff. We’ll accept renewed subscriptions. On the back…

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? wtf is the acer predator thronos air?

Hang on a second. Haven’t I seen that ludicrous mechanised gaming throne somewhere before? Yes and no. This is Acer’s Predator Thronos Air, and it looks strikingly similar to the original Predator Thronos, which did indeed land a spot in this magazine. Presumably, the ‘Air’ in the sequel’s name indicates that you can now pick up the whacking great frame with one hand. Or maybe Acer’s slightly pushing it. So what’s different? Last year’s maiden Thronos weighed in at an appropriately monstrous $20,000. At just $13,999, you’re probably thinking the Air sounds like an absolute bargain… but know this is a slightly streamlined model. The first Thronos enveloped you in its cockpit with a motorised monitor arm that you could control with buttons. While it was very cool, the tech powering it wasn’t…