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Stuff starts getting Christmas emails around July time and receives invites to Christmas quizzes in October. I’m not kidding. So if you think festive TV ads from mid-November is jumping the gun, spare a thought for gadget journalists who want to throttle Santa with a Lightning lead by December. On the plus side, it does mean we’ve nailed our gift list for geeks nice and early so you know exactly what to wish for or to buy the nerd in your life. We’ve 144 awesome present ideas to peruse, from bargains under £50 to money-no-object showstoppers, as well as no fewer than nine glorious guitars to annoy the hell out of your relatives, Wyld Stallyns style. You’ll find further inspiration in this month’s Hot Stuff section, including Xiaomi’s outrageous 108MP camera phone,…

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our month

I LIT UP THE ETERNAL CITY WITH AN iPHONE As a rule I don’t take photos of famous landmarks and post them on social media. We all know what the Taj Mahal looks like, and whatever I snap will only be bettered on Google image search anyway. But the iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode has changed everything to the point where I only want to sightsee in the dark from now on – when everything is shut. To prove my point, check out this ridiculous picture of the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. Seriously, I can’t stop starring at it. James Day, Editor-in-Chief I STALKED THE LOCALS OF FLORENCE You might think I’ve become a camera bore, given I was gushing about the same Fujifilm X-Pro3 last month. But to fully test its abilities it…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1 INVISIBLE TOUCH Fujifilm X-Pro3 With its Leica-esque looks and titanium body, you could probably take Fujifilm’s gloriously retro mirrorless X-Pro3 back to the ’60s and it wouldn’t give you away as a time-traveller. Best keep that hidden 3in touchscreen flipped up, though, or you’ll give yourself away. Yes, the main display is hidden. You have to stop and fold it out to review your snaps or change any settings – a throwback to the days when you had to be more thoughtful about your shots rather than just snapping away and worrying about the results later. There is a 1.28in LCD screen on the outside; this can display either shooting settings or, in a nod to the days of tearing off the top of the film box and tucking it in…

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108mp camera is mi against the world xiaomi mi note 10

€549 / This is getting silly now. Xiaomi has gone way, way over the top and slapped a 108MP camera on a smartphone. With their smaller-than-thimble-sized sensors, Apple and Google reckon 12MP is a rational limit for a main camera’s resolution, but oh no: Xiaomi, in partnership with Samsung, has broken the pixel-count continuum and gone into triple figures with the Xiaomi Note 10. Xiaomi the big picture Yes, the main wide-angle camera is 108MP, though it shoots at 27MP by default. There’s also a 12MP 2x zoom, a 5MP 5x zoom, a 20MP ultra-wide and a 2MP for macro photography. On paper, nothing comes close, and the detail it captures is staggering. You can expect a slowdown when processing full-resolution 108MP pictures… but that’s hardly surprising, is it? Xiaomi your metal Packing a…

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oma ironic speaker

$95,000 (pair) / Whoever’s on the Iron Throne, it appears they’ve splashed out on a new sound system. Is it still too soon for spoilers? Just in case, we’ll play it safe and say the unnamed new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms appears to have asked bastard blacksmith Gendry Baratheon to knock up a pair of fine sculpted speakers to celebrate getting the top job. What you’re looking at is the OMA Ironic, cast from a special kind of iron with a high graphite content. It certainly has a grand and stark kind of beauty Rather ostentatious, isn’t it? Hypoeutectic grey iron is usually used in high-tech applications such as photolithography machines for silicon chip production, where resonance and vibration must be reduced to an absolute minimum – perfect for speakers, as those…

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wtf is uunn?

Help us uunnderstand what’s going on here. Teeth have many enemies. Fizzy drinks and Werther’s Originals will set alarm bells ringing for those 32 chunks of enamel (28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth out), but one of their oldest adversaries is plaque. Brushing is your best defence; but if you want to know who’s winning the war, Uunn’s health tracker for teeth will give you a full sitrep. So how does that work? A Bluetooth chip embedded in a filling? Strap it over your phone’s camera, stick it in your mouth and it’ll take three photos, which the app will analyse using Uunn’s plaque-seeking algorithm (which took four years to develop). It’ll then offer tips on how to brush better in the hope of helping you avoid a trip to your teeth’s…