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It’s been an odd month at Stuff HQ. Bags packed, the team were all set to head out en masse to Barcelona (tough gig) to cover the planet’s biggest smartphone show, Mobile World Congress (actually a tough gig). Then the coronavirus struck and the whole event got cancelled. Twiddling our thumbs wondering if we would have any new touchscreens to attach them to, a triumph-over-adversity action plan kicked in as a number of major phone makers said to hell with it and released awesome new handsets anyway. So that’s why this month’s cover feature celebrates their endeavours – and we’ve even given some of them a sticker for being brave little soldiers in the form of a Stuff Mobile Award. MWC hasn’t just been about phones recently – it’s become a showcase…

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our month

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hot stuff

HANDS-ON JAMES DAY EDITOR IN CHIEF In Paris for the launch, it’s clear Renault has put plenty of thought into the Morphoz – and while it might seem like just another crazy concept, the idea of being able adapt your car to the journey could solve a multitude of problems, even potentially reducing the number of cars per household. Renault has also been careful to ensure no energy goes to waste: spare battery capacity lighting neighbourhoods when not in use? Smart. As for the car itself, the extendable transformation is smooth and elegant – and once you gesture-control your way into the shape-shifting interior, the front passenger seat can be flipped around to make an open-plan area for relaxation in the back. In the driver’s seat you see a steering wheel with a 10.2in screen…

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it ain’t heavy, it’s my blower

The clue’s in the name of this eye-catching Android that won’t weigh you down ● Weighing in There are two very good reasons carbon fibre is often used in racing bikes and high-performance car parts: it’s very light and very strong. That also makes it ideal for something you carry around all day and occasionally drop on hard floors, don’t you think? Carbon Mobile’s Carbon 1 Mark II is the first phone to be made from the stuff (the Mark I never went on general sale) – and at 6.3mm thin and 125g, it’s 1.8mm slimmer and 63g lighter than an iPhone 11 Pro. ● Powering up Holding a phone that light might make you think it’s been pumped full of coriander instead of the necessary bits of silicon; but while the Mark II…

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spengle gold

THESE ARE THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIMS, HAND-LAID WITH 24-CARAT GOLD Has Pusha T got a new bike? Depends – is Pusha T a Lycra man who likes spending his Sundays riding two abreast on the A466 to Chepstow? We think not. But if he is, do let him know that these are the world’s most expensive bicycle rims, with 24-carat gold leaf painstakingly hand-laid over Spengle’s high-performance carbon monocoque. They’re made for top-end road bikes rather than low riders. Are they any good, though? They quite probably are. Spengle’s cutting-edge carbon monocoque, a construction method that involves several spun pieces of aluminium riveted together, is also used in Formula 1 cars. You know, the ‘shell’ that keeps Lewis Hamilton and his pals safely cocooned in their cars as they flip into the air…

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wtf are panasonic’s steampunk glasses?

That is some high-end Mad Max cosplay. Isn’t it just? It’s not hard to imagine yourself saddling up some sort of gas-guzzling Frankenstein of a motor, donning a pair of these and taking off across the Australian outback. In actual fact, they might help you to experience exactly that, because they’re far from just a useless movie prop. These are, according to Panasonic, the world’s first HDR-capable virtual reality goggles. I thought we’d given up on VR? Get with it, Gramps. We won’t pretend there aren’t various issues stopping VR from going truly mainstream, but one of the main ones is just how unwieldy the headsets can be – most of them still involve strapping something the size of a box of goose eggs to your face. These still aren’t exactly what you’d…