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Escapism is something we could all do with right now, but where do you go if there’s nowhere to escape to? At the time of writing, the Tardis remains a work of science-fiction, so travelling around in time and space is out, but there may just be a way to make things look bigger on the inside. In this issue, Stuff goes in search of the great indoors, with tech to stop the walls closing in and transport you to another dimension, even if it’s only the third – like immersive home cinema, spatial surround-sound and studio-grade audio, teamed with killer shows to stream, podcasts to play and audiobooks to drift away to, all curated by our committee of insufferable culture vultures. In a huge month for games, we check out a…

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hot four #1 small but perfectly phwoarmed apple iphone se

History is full of diminutive figures conquering larger foes. From David toppling Goliath with his sling, to Diego Maradona ‘outjumping’ Peter Shilton in Mexico City and Donald Trump’s intellect (and hands) tricking the USA into electing him, there’s ample proof that small doesn’t have to mean weak. Now you can add the new iPhone SE to the list. For starters, it’s powered by exactly the same A13 Bionic chip that makes the iPhone 11 Pro such a rip-snorting blower, which should mean flagship performance despite only having a 4.7in display – and for mid-range money too. That screen has all the same tech as the one on the standard iPhone 11, so while it’s only 1334x750 pixels, you still get True Tone, P3 colour and 625-nit brightness. The single 12MP snapper might…

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hot four #2 carbless whisper polar grit x

Most fitness tech nags you to do boring stuff: stand up, go for a walk, check your heart rate. So when you see Polar’s new Grit X displaying an instruction to drink and take 10g of carbs (approximately one Hobnob), you might think you’ve finally found a wearable to suit a more sofa-bound existence. Of course, the reality is very different. Even with its built-in GPS, heart-rate tracking, barometer, compass and altimeter in full flow, the Grit X’s battery lasts a whopping 40 hours, so you’d need the stamina of a pill-popping Energizer bunny to beat it. It can even give breakdowns of how you performed on the uphill and downhill parts of your route, plus there’s turn-by-turn route guidance. None of that is any use if it can’t withstand the great…

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hot four #3 all you can eight canon eos r5

Canon’s latest full-frame mirrorless camera can do something that’s probably never been done before: film a lockdown barbecue in 8K at 120fps. Just imagine how badly burned your bangers will look when they’re rendered in 7680x4320 pixels. Of course, you’ll need an equally pricey 8K screen to show that footage at full resolution, but details, details… Anyway, the EOS R5 is a serious all-round camera, with support for dual-pixel AF in all modes and frame rates, a 20fps electronic shutter, a 12fps mechanical shutter and in-body image stabilisation. And while the fastest-moving thing you’re likely to encounter at the moment is the rush of hungry family members to the barbie when you announce the burgers are ready, those frame rates are up there with anything a pro sports-focused DSLR will offer…

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hot four #4 feelgood kit of the plumber lego super mario

For a professional plumber, Mario spends very little time fixing Toad’s temperamental boiler or clearing Yoshi’s blocked drains (not a euphemism). In fact, he seems to spend just as much time bumping his head on blocks as he does investigating pipes, so it’s probably about time he got his own Lego set. Nintendo’s nonconformist approach to gaming has been transferred to the Lego realm, so you get a slightly wonky-looking Bluetooth-enabled Mario with LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly, movement and colour sensors, plus a speaker for emitting the sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the portly plumber traverses the real-life Lego levels he’ll collect virtual coins, squash Goombas and interact with the seven action bricks before taking on Bowser Jr, making this a mashup of a traditional Lego…

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riggie smalls

from $1639 / A PC gaming rig can be an impressive sight… but like a modded car cruise, you’re entering a shady world of bright lights and questionable dress sense that’s guaranteed to become complicated and expensive. Intel may have at least solved one of those problems with the NUC 9 Extreme. • Extremely quick If ever there was a government measure designed to benefit the unique lifestyle of the gamer, it’s months of actively encouraged antisocialness. Halcyon days… up until Mum steals all the bandwidth to catch up on Mrs Brown’s Boys. So while Intel’s tiny PC has proper gaming chops, it also has Wi-Fi 6 certification for rapid connectivity. • Extremely slim Pitched as a portable mini-desktop with serious gaming credentials, the rig supports an unlocked Intel Core i9 NUC processor with…