Successful Farming December 2020

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2o2o: best year ever?

Just ask our readers what they think, and you’ll get an answer. It may surprise you; it may open your eyes because it may be blunt. But you will get a reply. When mulling over how to describe this year for the December issue, it was hard to describe 2020 in a single word. I tried “unprecedented.” “Historic.” “Chaotic.” None of these words captured it. With the disruption in nearly every sector of agriculture, with the world events, and with a global pandemic … well, let’s just say, one word is not enough. So I asked members of the community on What 2 Words Would You Use to Describe 2020? Many of these community members have been a part of the “Talk” section of the website for a long time. They described 2020…

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new pesticide products

Learn about the latest pesticides and application methods to protect your crops. This section includes information about herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Visit: Here Are Three of the Latest: HELM Agro US launches Reviton. Reviton is a nonselective herbicide for preplant burndown and desiccation use in corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat. AMVAC releases two corn herbicides for 2021. Company officials say both boost control of weeds that resist several herbicide sites of action. Kyber herbicide for soybeans set for 2021 from Corteva Agriscience. Kyber targets problem soybean weeds including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and common ragweed. STAY CONNECTED: Successful Farming @SuccessfulFarm successful_farming successfulfarm…

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raise a glass

Beer 69% of hops’ yield and quality would be impacted by mildew if fungicides weren’t used. In 2019 Washington, Oregon, and Idaho harvested 56,544 acres of hops; Washington leads the nation in total acres. Coffee The U.S. imports more coffee than any other country at 19.4% of the total. Integrated pest management reduces coffee berry borer damage by 72%. Global purchases of imported coffee totaled about $31 billion in 2018. Wine On average, 1 acre of grapes can produce about 15,000 glasses of wine. Over 1,300 grape varieties are used to make wine. California is the world’s4th largest wine producer, following France, Italy, and Spain. Source: Crop Life America, World’s Top Exports, AgHires, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Artwork: Getty Images, Burazin, ozgurcankaya, Dimitris66, Francesco Riccardo Iacomino, LICreate, didyk…

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President-elect Joe Biden narrowed his focus to COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity, and climate change during the transition. Agriculture was mentioned explicitly as part of a long-term shift to a net-zero emissions U.S. economy: Create jobs in climate-smart agriculture, resilience, and conservation. During the campaign, Biden supported advanced biofuels, carbon capture, methane digesters, and cover crops. USDA might offer incentives for farmers to voluntarily mitigate global warming, says Mike Stranz, National Farmers Union vice president. The Biden transition team for USDA was led by Robert Bonnie, who ran USDA conservation programs during the Obama era and now is director of a think tank project to identify agriculture’s role in climate-change mitigation. “A global pandemic, trade disputes, and severe weather have converged to take a mighty toll on agriculture and beyond,” says Zippy…

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spring planting outlook – dry!

2020 is almost in the history books, so let’s talk 2021 spring planting weather. Wait a second … we just finished harvesting and need a break before thinking about next year. A much deserved break, indeed. Now back to spring 2021. Four major climate cycles started aligning in 2020, bringing a dramatic shift toward drier weather across North and South America; the exception was the hurricane-plagued soggy southeast United States. The other major cycles are the cold phase of the North Pacific cycle called the Pacific decadal oscillation cycle, a continued warm phase of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation cycle, and the weakest solar minimum sun cycle in more than 100 years. It is rare for all the cycles and statistical trends to align – a 100-year event in some respects. The first…

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steve sukup

Steve Sukup was in elementary school when his father, Eugene, founded Sukup Manufacturing Co. in Sheffield, Iowa. He grew up in the company, tinkering in the welding shop and traveling to state fairs where the business hoped to connect with farmer customers. By the time he was in sixth grade, Sukup could weld and run a torch. He eagerly put his skills to use completing class assignments and 4-H projects. “I enjoyed being out in the plant, seeing something start as a piece of steel and forming it into something. Even if you’re just punching holes in brackets, you could see some progress being made,” he says. In February 2020, Sukup transitioned from vice president and CFO to president and CEO of the family-owned company. His brother and former president, Charles, moved…