Successful Farming January 2021

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success in 2021

Here at Successful Farming® magazine, we are “dedicated to making farmers successful.” That’s our mission. Success is part of our name. We take it seriously, whether it is on these pages, our website, our TV show, radio programs, or podcasts. (By the way, did you get a smart speaker for a holiday gift? Access the smart codes below to use our Alexa skill or Google Home to get live commodities prices.) Trouble is, the definition of success changes every season, depending on seed selection, inputs, soil conditions, commodities markets, and the weather. Helping you to make more money is central to our editorial coverage. In this issue, we find two avenues for you to save or even make money in farming and ranching: In “The Solar Power Bonanza” (pages 44-47), Executive Editor for…

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soil health podcasts

The Journey From Dirt to Soil Gabe Brown struggled with Mother Nature. After 10 years of wet springs, dry summers, hailstorms, and bills to pay, Brown decided there had to be a better way. This is the story of his journey to soil health, and the book he wrote to help others. The Gateway to Cover Crops Steve Groff is a pioneer in the cover crop movement. He was a driving force in the widespread adoption of radishes as a major component of cover crop blends around the world. Soil Health With Zero Tillage In the 1970s, no-till farming was about as rare as a day with no wind on the prairies of North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada, but farmers in the two nations came together to jointly work for a common goal. On the Front…

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charles baron

Charles Baron has made disruption his profession. As cofounder of Farmers Business Network (FBN), he has changed the way some farmers do business – allowing them to connect with each other while they research and buy farm inputs anywhere they have internet. It’s all about e-commerce, he says, which gives network members transparency, efficiency, fair pricing, and an overall better customer experience. “You don’t have to go negotiate in an office with somebody,” he says. “A customer once told me, ‘I spent $20,000 while in my underwear.’ That’s great.” SF: How do you explain FBN’s unique business model? CB: We’re a network of growers. We have a big community, over 21,000 farmers who are wanting to change the industry, to change the basic framework and the rules of the game they have to…

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soybean stats

The soy checkoff’s Soy Products Guide contains more than 1,000 items on the market that are soy-based. They include: ARTIFICIAL TURF TIRES ROOFING MATERIALS CANDLES CRAYONS PAINT, STAIN, AND VARNISH LIP GLOSS and more In 1988, U.S. soybeans were valued at $11.5 billion ($24.9 billion adjusted for inflation). In 2019, soybeans were valued at $31.2 billion. A BUSHEL OF SOYBEANS WEIGHS 60 LBS. AND PRODUCES ABOUT 11 LBS. OF OIL AND 48 LBS. OF PROTEIN-RICH MEAL. Since 2011, Ford vehicles built in North America have contained soy foam in seat cushions, backs, and headrests. Sources: American Soybean Association, SoyStats 2020, Sustainable Life Media, United Soybean Board Artwork: Getty Images, sndr, Chris Clor, Tetra Images, DircinhaSW, and ithinksky…

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carla schultz

Carla Schultz farms just two hours north of Detroit – in the thumb of Michigan – with her husband, Paul; their four children; and Carla’s parents. Together, they make up Eight Plates Farm, so named to indicate everyone has a place at the table. “We want to encourage connections and to start a conversation,” Schultz says. “The name brings to mind thoughts of family, good times together at the dinner table, and the reality that it all started with a farmer growing the food.” Schultz believes that table extends even beyond the home. With a strong social media presence and as a regular at markets in the suburbs of Detroit, she is able to connect with diverse audiences. “I love to listen to customers’ cultures, what they eat, and make the connection between…

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they said it

“Everything is at stake when grassland is converted.”Grasslands purify water, mitigate flooding, and create habitat for birds and wildlife, p. 36.“A customer once told me, ‘I spent $20,000 while in my underwear.’ That’s great.”Farmers are growing more comfortable with ecommerce, p. 4.“WE HAVE CREATED A ROBOT THAT WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE HOW GRAIN BINS ARE MANAGED.”The 26-pound Grain Weevil moves across the top of grain to break up crusts, level bins, and do inspections, p. 40.Nebraskans say their two solar arrays “offset 59% of our farm’s total energy draw.”Solar incentives can drop installation cost to 7¢ per kwh, p. 44.“Studies show [sulfur] applications spike soybean yields 10 to 15 bushels per acre.”Results depend on soil type, amount of organic matter, and timing, p. 48.“Respect isn’t lost by getting knocked down –…