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mother nature

You can complain all you want about the weather, but in the end, we get what we get – even if we don’t like it. As one industry expert said in our January issue, “Mother Nature always wins.” He was referring to resistant weeds, but he could have been referring to any aspect of farming – in any season. In this issue, we share insights on two ways to mitigate risk on your farm. In “Prepare for Storms That Push Your Farm to the Limit” (pages 40-44), Agronomy & Technology Editor Megan Schilling looks at an innovative program in Nebraska offering insights and Weather Ready education to farmers and ranchers on how to prepare for climate volatility. Will Corman, a fifth-generation farmer near Hardy, is part of the program. “There is no normal…

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greg dahl

Greg Dahl has a passion for controlling weeds and a curiosity about how they work. Dahl grew up on his family’s small Minnesota grain and potato farm. His great-great-grandparents and great-grandparents were homesteaders. He spent a lot of time in the fields when he was young and eventually studied at North Dakota State University, earning his master’s degree in agronomy and weed science. Dahl has worked for Land O’Lakes for more than 20 years. As a senior research manager at WinField United, Dahl has helped develop more than 50 new or improved products for weed management. In his career, he has conducted hundreds of studies and looked at tens of thousands of research plots. SF: What does it mean to you to be known as the Wizard of Weeds? GD: It’s a cool thing.…

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all about corn!

Get agronomy advice on corn from planting through harvest to maximize corn yields. Learn about the latest corn technology, including hybrids, traits, and seed treatments. Check out these new stories: Strategies to boost corn yields Replacing factory closing wheels is first and foremost. 13 thoughts on seed selection Seed selection decisions must be made carefully each year. Cycle of savings Understanding how nitrogen behaves can help you manage this valuable input better. Do a simple nitrogen math equation. All about adjuvants Spray tank components play a valuable role in optimizing herbicide performance. How to beat corn rootworm in 2021 Corn rootworm concerns are back. To read more about corn, click here. STAY CONNECTED: Successful Farming @SuccessfulFarm successful_farming successfulfarm…

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big data on the prairie

The Great Plains and PPR are No. 1 on the 25 most important and threatened waterfowl habitats on the continent. The PPR provides breeding and nesting habitat for nearly 50% of the nation’s migratory birds. 1 ACRE OF ESTABLISHED PRAIRIE can absorb 9 inches of rainfall per hour before runoff occurs.can produce 24,000 pounds of roots. Prairie foliage represents a surface area 5 to 20 times larger than the soil area beneath it. Photography: Getty Images, Mint Images, serkanmutan, Patrick Ziegler, Ace Create. Sources: Ducks Unlimited, USDA NRCS, MN Dept. of Natural Resources…

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titan and lauren immel

Titan and Lauren Immel returned to Titan’s family farm after graduating from college. The couple, both in their mid-20s, come from Iowa family farming operations. Upon returning, they faced frustrations in the farm and business, so they decided to take their dream a step further by establishing their own agribusiness. The couple started AgHub Midwest three years ago in their farm shop. Today, they have their own location and continue to expand. SF: Why start AgHub Midwest? TI: Right after college, I returned home to the family farm while also selling seed. That first year, I was doing a small sales side job. We started the business to hopefully alleviate some things we were seeing in the industry. On the farm operation, there were things that were frustrating to us. I truly don’t…

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can we talk?

The Biden administration plans plenty of give-and-take with the farm sector, which chafes at federal mandates, before it writes a climate mitigation plan for agriculture. “We want this to be a conversation,” says USDA climate adviser Robert Bonnie. “It has to be voluntary. It has to be incentive-based. It has to work for producers. It has to work for their bottom lines.” The White House began the process with broad goals. “We see farmers making American agriculture first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions and gaining new sources of income in the process,” said President Biden in late January. He directed USDA to spend two months consulting with landowners, farmers, conservation groups, and other interested parties on how to achieve voluntary adoption of climate-smart practices that result in verifiable sequestration…