Successful Farming April 2021

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a long tail

Happy 100th anniversary to Heffron Farms of Belding, Michigan. Not many farms can celebrate a milestone that has connected five generations, so it’s quite an honor – and Successful Farming magazine helped along the way. The Heffron operation started with a mere 80 acres in 1921, according to Don Heffron. This simple dairy operation also grew hay, potatoes, and dry beans – all without electricity or running water. Horses powered the farm. In the 1950s (after their first John Deere purchase), the Heffrons adapted the operation by getting rid of the dairy and planting apple trees. In the ’60s they started cherries and added in raising steers in the 1970s. Along came the challenging 1980s – when Successful Farming held a conference, called ADAPT: “Agricultural Diversity Adds Profit Today.” The conference brought in…

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better beans

New soybean weed control tools for 2021 Soybean farmers have numerous weed management tools from which to choose. Southern soybean growers face multiple nematode threats. The SCN Coalition expands education to other plant-parasitic nematodes impacting soybean production. Sound Agriculture adds soybean nutrient product to lineup. Sound Agriculture has made its flagship nutrient efficiency product, Source, available for soybeans. Mizzou weeds team evaluates the Weed Zapper and Seed Terminator. New tools for controlling problem small-seeded weeds don’t necessarily come in a jug. Soybean exports 2021 There is optimism in the soybean export market this year. From whole beans to soybean meal to oil, it looks encouraging. SCN continues to spread as economic losses mount. In a 2020 survey conducted by the SCN Coalition, soybean cyst nematode has been found in 55 new U.S. and 24 Canadian counties. Click here to become a superior…

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brandi buzzard

Brandi Buzzard began speaking out for beef in 2009, when she was an animal science undergraduate at Kansas State University and wrote her first post for a blog called “Buzzard’s Beat,” an effort to correct misconceptions about production agriculture, food safety, and the beef industry. Over time, Buzzard’s blog has captured the interest of farmers, ranchers, and consumers – and has even led to on-air interviews with cable news channels Fox News, CBS News, and MSNBC, and an invitation to the White House. Buzzard’s tone has softened since marrying her husband, Hyatt Frobose, a swine reproductive consultant with Gestal – Jyga Technologies, and becoming a mother to daughter Oakley four years ago. But she is always determined to clear the air about agriculture and food production and never, ever backs down from…

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fame on the farm

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz grows avocados, passion fruit, and coffee on his California farm. JASON BROWN is a former NFL lineman who operates First Fruits Farm in North Carolina. He grows vegetables like sweet potatoes and cucumbers and donates the crops to local food pantries. COMEDIAN DAVE CHAPPELLE OWNS AND LIVES ON A FARM IN YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO. MARTHA STEWART owns a 152-acre horse farm in New York with dozens of animals and extensive gardens. ACTOR RUSSELL CROWE OWNS A 1,400-ACRE RANCH IN AUSTRALIA WITH OVER 500 CATTLE ON THE LAND. Sources: Wisdom for Life and First Fruits Farm,, Mraz Family Farms,,, Times Telegram, TIME Artwork: Getty Images, Contributors and Staff…

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andrew moore

In the mid-2000s, Andrew Moore; his father, Joe; and his uncle, Tim, took a hard look at their farm near Resaca in northwestern Georgia. “We knew that a corn, wheat, and soybean rotation was not going to be the future for us,” says Moore, “and we had to add something else to our operation.” The Moores entered the edible oils business by adding winter canola and high-oleic sunflowers to their crop rotation. They processed the crops’ edible oils with an Anderson expeller press starting in 2006. By 2008, they were processing 50 tons of oilseeds daily. “What we quickly discovered was that the demand for edible oils was great, but the market was limited for the type of protein we produced,” says Moore. A more lucrative market loomed literally in their backyard. “We realized…

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best shape in years

Farm income has surged across the Midwest and Plains, boosted by the rally in commodity prices that started last summer and large federal payments, according to farm lenders. With the rally expected to persist, the farm economy was in its best shape in years heading into planting season. “Dramatic improvements in crop prices drove the sharpest turnaround in agricultural lending conditions in more than a decade,” said the Federal Reserve. “Bankers reported an increase in farm income for the first time in eight years.” Farmers were paying off bank loans and opening their wallets for big-ticket purchases. However, continued weakness in cattle markets and harsh weather during the winter “still left some headwinds for some producers.” After surveying ag bankers in the Midwest, the Chicago Fed said, “For the first time since…