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win or … learn

You may find this hard to believe, but I don’t read many books. Don’t get me wrong: I do a lot of reading. I read dozens of stories every day for this magazine and on our website, When it comes to free time, however, I only read one or two books a year. (I end up editing other authors’ work and finding grammatical errors. I am a very slow reader.) Some business books have caught my eye recently that evangelize a new philosophy for innovation in our daily work. Even our own company, Meredith Corporation, has touted that growing our media business is not about winning or losing. The quest is to “win or learn.” Many businesses are promoting their ability to “fail fast” or are turning their failed innovation into…

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mindi vanden bosch

Growing up as part of the Vermeer family, it’s no surprise Mindi Vanden Bosch is passionate about agriculture and solving problems for farmers and cattlemen. She witnessed her grandfather Gary Vermeer’s constant curiosity and innovation. She watched as her mother, Mary Vermeer Andringa, balanced leading Vermeer Corporation with being a mom. Vacations often included a visit to a Vermeer dealer. Recently named managing director of Forage Solutions, Vanden Bosch’s love for yellow equipment is surpassed only by a strong interest in the manufacturing process. She is the third generation of Vermeers at the Iowa-based company founded by her grandfather in 1948. “I am humbled to lead the segment driven by my grandfather’s passion,” she says. “We often joke, ‘I wonder what Gary would think about the self-propelled baler?’ I am sure he…

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geert boelen

Digital Content Editor | @emmawhenning Geert Boelen started a TikTok account in September 2019, when he was 22, intending to simply join a new social media platform. But in just two years, the Netherlands transplant has grown a following of more than 1.7 million farmers and consumers. To find him on TikTok, search hueybcool; for YouTube, search Huey Boelen. SF: What made you start a TikTok account? GB: It was a way to stay up-to-date with current social media trends. I have a friend with a large YouTube following, and he motivated me to just start sharing what I was doing on the farm every day. In a matter of three months, I had a video go viral that now has over 55 million views. There is a lot of useful and useless content…

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data on acres

CROPLAND AVERAGE VALUE PER ACRE BY STATE: 1. New Jersey $13,800 2. California $12,900 3. Delaware $8,600 4. Arizona $7,650 5. Maryland $7,380 6. Illinois $7,300 7. Florida $7,190 8. Iowa $7,170 9. Pennsylvania $7,100 10. Ohio $6,460 IN 2020 • Farm real estate value (all land and buildings) averaged $3,160 per acre. • Pasture value averaged $1,400 per acre. • Total land in farms at 896,600,000 acres decreased by 800,000 acres over2019. In 2020, U.S. cropland value averaged $4,100 per acre. Sources: USDA Farms and Land in Farms 2020 Summary, USDA Land Values 2020 Summary. Photography: Getty Images, backhanding…

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Find articles on herd management, grazing systems, handling advice, calving tips, and more. The section also covers cattle equipment and products. The following stories are a sampling of what’s offered. Building a Stream Crossing for Cattle Cattle that walk through a stream to get to another pasture can damage the stream environment. Build a crossing for a smooth transition to the other side. How Livestock Affect Soil Carbon Cattle can play a beneficial role in our changing climate. Their grazing contributes to the storage of carbon in the soil. She’s Driven by Soil Health And Pasture Management Jeannie Franceus has knocked back weeds on her ranch with rotational grazing. How Franny Fritz Beat the Odds In Farming There were bets in the community she wouldn’t last a year after coming home to farm. That was 42 years ago. Reducing…

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they said it

“The easy sale is ‘scare and sign here.’”Many insurance companies’ farm succession programs are just sales pitches, p. 17.“There is a lot of useful and useless content on TikTok.”Dairy cattle hoof-trimming video goes viral in India, p. 5.“Control the things you can control and try not to dwell on the things you can’t.”Succession planning decisions are controllable, p. 4.“YOU CAN’T TRULY UNDERSTAND FARMING UNTIL YOU’VE WALKED A SEASON IN YOUR OWN BOOTS.”After college, the teachers are farmers and ag professionals, p. 64.…