SUPWorld December 2017

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sup australian titles 2017

OK TEAM SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL FOR YOU ALL... THE BEST OF THE BEST WILL BE SHARING THEIR SECRETS WITH US AND ONLY US. QUEENSLAND PADDLER MICHAEL BOOTH HAS TAKEN OUT THE BLUE RIBBON OPEN MEN’S MARATHON TODAY AT THE 2017 AUSTRALIAN SUP TITLES ALONGSIDE QUEENSLANDER ANGELA JACKSON WHO TOOK HOME THE GOLD IN THE OPEN WOMEN’S RACE. Over 60 of Australia’s most elite paddlers lined up at Rainbow Bay in Coolangatta today on a picture perfect Queensland morning to compete for an Australian Title and a spot at the International Surfing Association’s 2018 ISA World SUP & Paddle Championships. As the race kicked off, the pack made the most of light winds as they made their way north for the 20km circuit that finished in Currumbin Creek. Michael Booth looked strong at the…

3 min.
foiling the future is in the air

Hydrofoiling has taken the world by storm. And whether you are Sailing, Windsurfing Kiteboarding, Surfing or Stand Up Paddling, what you thought you knew about gliding through the ocean has now changed forever. Some of us may remember early hydrofoil boards such as the foiling knee boards in the 80’s, or the Air Chairs of the 90’s but foiling has been around for a very long time. Hydrofoils on vessels started as early as 1898. Numerous designs and applications followed over the years including military/navel applications in the 1940’s and Hydrofoils were also seen under the passenger ferries of Sydney Harbour between 1965 & 1985. As designs advanced the boundaries were pushed, hydrofoils started making inroads into leisure activities and allowing ocean craft to defy what was previous thought of as impossible.…

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fisho’s paddle race series

THE FISHO’S PADDLES SERIES GOT UNDERWAY ON THE FIRST WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER, WHERE IN OTHER WARMER STATES ONE WOULD EXPECT TO HAVE NICE SPRING CONDITIONS, WE WERE MET WITH ICY WINDS AND DRIZZLE, BUT THAT’S VICTORIA FOR YOU. The series is the first of its kind on the Victorian Surfcoast, with the aim of lifting the racing scene across a number of paddle disciplines. It is a 6 races series held on the first Friday of the month from November to April. We managed to secure two of Victoria’s all-time great ocean athletes as race ambassadors, along with shining the light on women’s sporting achievements, Wendy Reyntjes and Emma Webb. These ladies have too many accolades to list (various Australian and World titles across a number of disciplines), their most recent being…

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middle harbour sup challenge

NSW - Australia - 2017 There’s always a lot of discussion around what makes a good SUP race. A good course, competition within a wide range of categories, elite athlete participation, value for money entry, prizes for lots of paddlers, board giveaways, corporate and industry sponsorship and free food and grog at the presentation. Managing to organise an event with all of these things is pretty near impossible. From a discussion over a beer or two at the bar of The Middle Harbour 16 foot Skiff Club, what started off as a small Windsurf N Snow sponsored event suddenly took on legs as sponsors started making contact wanting to be involved in The Middle Harbour SUP Challenge. As the sponsorship support grew, so did our plans. Based out of the skiff club, on…

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ben tardrew

HOW DID YOU BECOME INVOLVED IN SUP DESIGN? I have always been curious about making things faster and more user friendly, I was a sailmaker for a big company for a few years before I started working with a world champion sailor and windsurfer in his garage designing and making sails for some of the world’s best sailors, I continued doing this on my own for a while and learnt a lot about designing and building custom sails for every purpose and experimenting with all types of high performance materials, which looking back really helped with my SUP design. I was very lucky to be able to work with Alain and Dale from NSP when I moved to the gold coast and was always encouraged to do my own boards so that’s…

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golden years

Anyone with the remotest knowledge of hang gliding would know the name Moyes. Moyes is synonymous with the sport of which Steve’s family has been designing, competing and selling since the inception of the sport, with Steve Moyes Being a World Champion. Retired now at the age of 63, Steve and his wife Kimmi departed Bronte Beach towing their beloved “A” van, crossed the bite, meandered their way past the 26th Parallel and paid a visit to three Mile camp in the desert Northwest of Western Australia. They arrived in April or May, 2017 and were only were meant to stay a few weeks. However, when they ran out of supplies and drove out of camp, they reached the nearest town a few hours away, stocked back up with food and…