SUPWorld December 2018

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2018 hyundai australian sup titles

TECHNICAL RACING James Casey took first place of the open men’s division in a nail-biting open men’s technical race. In a difficult paddle-out at Duranbah beach, competitors battled the growing waves and strong winds to make it through to the rest of the course behind the main beach break. It was a leapfrog situation for most of the race between current world champion Michael Booth and Lincoln Dews as they raced neck and neck throughout the second, third and even fourth lap. As the group was coming in on the final lap, James Casey managed to catch a wave through the pack and cross the finish line first. “I’m over the moon. I didn’t think I was going to place today, so I’m definitely happy with that result,” said Casey. “To…

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noosa to paris via the gold coast

Watching the Noosa Surfing Dog Spectacular ignited our desire to learn how to stand up paddle and a “someday” wish to paddle in the ocean and catch a few waves. Our first lessons on the Noosa River started us on our journey. Fast forward five years and stand up paddling in its various forms now plays a huge part in our lives. After a year of driving down to the Gold Coast from Brisbane and hiring gear from Go Vertical SUP Hire, we decided to move to the Gold Coast to get closer to the water and bought our first boards. Social paddling with Go Vertical and SUP Northern Rivers and SE Qld introduced us to exploring the lakes, creeks and rivers of this beautiful part of the world. We then…

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foiling don’t just wing it!

Ok, we get it, Foiling is here and it’s here to stay. And with lots of brands, models each presenting lots of options, which one is right for you? It seems when foiling first became mainstream many moons ago now, the wing, mast and board sizes were all quite conservative. Wings spanned within the 1000cm2 range and boards around 10’ mark set the pace. Much like other sibling sports such as Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddling, in the beginning we liked to start on bigger boards with smaller power sources, then as the sport gains momentum we go smaller and smaller with the boards and bigger and bigger with the power. But is this really right for everyone? Our sibling sports went to the extremes and back, Needle nose ultra-skinny sailboards…

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lion island challenge

For the 12th successive year, the Lion Island Challenge drew an impressive crowd. Some 52 Stand Up Paddlers strong along with 106 surf skis, prone and outriggers entered the event with the fear/excitement (depending on the competitor) of “BIG” conditions. Last minute course alterations and paddler concerns circulated the social media networks into the later hours of the leading evening. High winds, large swells and big waves all forecast gave event directors and SPSC (Sydney Paddle Surfing Club) associates some important decisions to make in the interest of not only the safety of the paddlers, but a quality result of a competitive race. Luckily, Saturday morning the 13th of October brought the 158 keen ocean goers beautiful conditions with light to no wind and a manageable swell that allowed all paddlers to compete…

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ty judson

SO TY, HOW DID YOU GET INTO SUP? I get asked this quite a bit. Being a surfer for as long as i can remember, it was only fate that i was to stumble across SUP. I love new exciting things and opportunities to have more fun. the first time I stepped on a sup my wave count instantly went up. The waves were tiny, so riding a 10ft all round old board was a perfect way to begin. it all went from there, and soon after my racing journey also began. FAVOURITE PADDLE AREA? This may be a little bias, but home at Boomerang Beach and Wallis Lake is pretty hard to beat. If I had to choose somewhere else Hawaii is amazing; warm water and in summer the wind blows all…

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healthy tuna & vegetable patties

WWW.IRONMUMKARLA.COM.AU When you’re lacking time, it helps to bring things back to basics and this recipe is super Ingredients… • 1 large 425gm tuna in springwater• 1 large zucchini, grated• 2 carrots finely diced and cooked• 1 cob of corn, corn removed• 2 eggs, lightly beaten• 1 tbsp. flour• 5 medium size potatoes, peeled, cooked and mashed (about 400gm) OR 10 rice cakes processed into fine crumbs• Salt and pepper MAKES APPROX. 15 PATTIES. How To Make… 1. Drain the fish, heat a small amount of oil in a pan and fry zucchini, carrots and corn for 5 mins 2. Transfer veggies to a bowl and add flour, salt pepper and drained fish 3. Add potatoes (or rice cakes) and beaten eggs and gently mix through until combined 4. Allow to cool and then shape patties using an egg…