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November 2021

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TECHNICS SL-1210G Among DJs and vinyl fans, the Technics SL-1200 has an almost legendary status. Solidly built, efficiently designed and featuring a high-torque direct drive motor, it went on to sell 3 million units and became a staple of clubs and audiophiles’ home setups alike. Although Technics vanished from the scene in 2010 when the brand was temporarily retired, the iconic turntable was soon reborn as the SL-1200G in 2016, which has in turn inspired the new SL-1210G. Coming with a stylish matte black finish, the SL-1210G features an iron-coreless direct drive motor with double rotor/single stator that eliminates cogging and offers powerful torque. Its tonearm is fashioned from cold-drawn magnesium, which has a high damping effect, while its bearings utilise a cut-processed housing to deliver high initial motion sensitivity, offering…

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editor’s letter

Windows 11 is finally here, and what better occasion to mention it than the month our parent brand celebrates its silver jubilee? Looking back 25 years, I was just out of school and Bill Gates, Microsoft and Windows 95 had only started becoming household names as a result of globalisation and economic liberalisation in India. Shortly afterwards, we were introduced to what looked like bricks with antennas someone called a cellular phone. Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel rapidly replaced National, JVC, TDK, and the likes from the Indian homes. Never had we realised that the following years would change everything around us, and so fast. And then there were a few gadgets that came and fell by the wayside, like pagers and zip drives. Well, I could go on forever, locked…

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BELKIN BOOSTCHARGE MAGNETIC WIRELESS POWER BANK 2.5K ₹ 4,499, belkin.com This slim and portable power bank is compatible with the all the variants of the new iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12. The magnetic wireless power bank is integrated with Belkin’s MagSafe technology, and has a 2500mAh capacity. The ergonomic design does not prohibit the users from utilising the camera while the phone is charging, and the power bank attaches magnetically to the back of the iPhone, making it a perfect companion for travel or commuting. A status LED lets the user know when the power bank needs to be recharged. The device also comes with a one metre USB-C to USB-C cable. T3 SAYS: This power bank is a hot new device for those venturing out of their homes for long hours or for…

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retro, baby!

OLIVER SPENCER + FILA CHENILLE JACKET Known for his understated designs and use of sustainable fabrics, Oliver Spencer has teamed up with Fila, whose retro chunky trainers have seen a recent resurgence. This jacket is made from soft, ribbed cotton-blend chenille with striped trims. ₹18,000, mrporter.com NORTH FACE 1996 RETRO NUPTSE SHELL DOWN GILET Some say the gilet is a timeless piece of fashion; it was certainly ubiquitous in the 1990s and this North Face slim-fit, camouflage-print version has got the look nailed. It’s practical too, with a water-repellent finish, and it packs into its own pocket. ₹21,000, mrporter.com A.KJAERBEDE NANCY UNISEX GLASSES While we realise that the summer months have passed us by, we aren’t going to be plunged into darkness quite yet, and these 1970s square shades in dark brown tort are an oversized retro…

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the hottest timepieces right now

HAMILTON, KHAKI FIELD MECHANICAL BRONZE The classic field watch gets an original upgrade with Hamilton’s first-ever bronze case. Each Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze will develop a distinct patina over time, making each unique. ₹72,000, hamiltonwatch.com CHRISTOPHER WARD, C60 #TIDE The latest addition to CW’s lineup is more than just a dive watch. It takes ocean-bound plastic waste and converts it into a new strap collection and is also deep-stamped into the watch case. ₹89,500, christopherward.com ELLIOT BROWN, HOLTON NIVO This NIVO colourway was uncovered by Elliot Brown. It was originally developed at Orfordness experimental station as a paint for British bombers – matching the colour and gloss level of open water at night. ₹45,000, elliotbrownwatches.com CERTINA, DS POWERMATIC 80 An elegant all-rounder, this watch is perfect for everyday life. It features an ingenious quick-change strap system, a movement with an…

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money no object

French trunk maker Au Départ has been designing travel accessories since the early 19th century when it opened its signature shop opposite the Gare du Nord, Paris, just as the boom in travel and adventure took hold. Despite falling by the wayside in the 1970s, Au Départ was recently revived by investors Luvanis and it is in ascendancy once more. While the owners of Au Départ may have changed, design-wise it’s familiar stuff and it has held onto its classic, elegant style while keeping the company’s reputation for beautifully crafted, luxury products. This watch holder is made in Italy from the label’s signature monogram-jacquard coated canvas, a design that was reputedly inspired by the floors of the ruins in Pompeii. It’s trimmed in butter-soft black leather and silver studs and…