The Complete Guide to Terraced Homes

The Complete Guide to Terraced Homes

Terraced houses are a mainstay of British architecture, and it’s hard to deny their charm. The traditional style and layout, however, can be at odds with modern living. In this guide, you’ll find advice on where to extend and how to bring in more light, as well as 18 real homes packed with ideas.

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Visit most towns and cities up and down the UK and chances are you’ll soon come across an area characterised by neat rows of charming terraced houses (or townhouses as they’re known in the US). Typically packed with architectural charm and character, it’s easy to see why they remain as in demand as ever. The traditional style and layout of many terraced houses aren’t always in keeping with modern living, however, so for many homeowners the challenge is to update the overall space and give it a more contemporary feel while still retaining the original appeal of the property. Easier said than done, you might think, but in this practical guide we’ll show you exactly how to achieve it. There’s must-read advice on everything from where to extend and what you need…

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the complete guide to updating a terraced house

The neat red brick rows of Victorian-era homes are a familiar sight in much of the UK. The period properties are regarded by many as welcoming homes with desirable architectural features. But terraced homes built in previous centuries don’t always suit our modern needs and wishes. Extra space, more daylight and an open-plan layout are high on the wishlist of many terraced homeowners. Ownership of a terraced house also brings with it questions about who owns what at roof and chimney level, and what responsibilities are owed to neighbours because of shared walls – not to mention noise issues. Want to know how to live happily in a terraced home in the 21st century? Read on. HISTORY OF THE TERRACED HOUSE Victorian terraces are probably what spring to mind when you think of…

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onwards and upwards

When Fi Duke and husband Paul Briggs bought their three-bedroom Victorian home in Chelmsford several years ago, their children were only toddlers, and the couple could see that they would possibly outgrow the property in the not too distant future. However, it was the potential to extend the house out to the side and convert the roof space that sold it to them. ‘I could see straightaway that it had tons of potential,’ recalls Fi, ‘and it’s kind of grown with our family.’ As they couldn’t afford to do everything at once, the couple started with the most pressing renovations, before gradually working their way through the house as their budget allowed. First on the list was a new roof, and replacing the old windows with better-insulated sash windows. ‘They were…

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light and space

Jenny and Ian took their time replacing the dated extension at the rear of their four-bedroom terraced house, so when they finally came to take the plunge, it was crucial to get it just right. ‘We knew we’d need to replace the existing side-return extension at some point as it was looking really dated,’ explains Jenny. ‘We had these grand plans to create a new kitchen extension, but then we had the girls and suddenly they were eight and 10 and we still had the same kitchen!’ It was the large garden that had attracted the couple to the house, but the old ground-floor layout simply didn’t link to the outside space. When the side-return extension had been built, the exterior wall had been left to support the ceiling, dividing the…

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one of a kind

Ask Alex and Steve what their favourite part of their house is and they’ll instantly point to the bespoke seating area facing the back garden. With light flooding in from all angles and plants creeping across the wall from cantilevered shelves, it’s easy to see why they love it so much. As well as being the perfect place for a glass of wine in the evening, it’s also given the couple space to sit and play with their one-year-old son, Benjamin – the newest addition to the family since they extended their traditional three-storey Victorian terrace two years ago. When Alex and Steve bought their home in November 2011, it consisted of small, cramped rooms and a cheaply built conservatory that desperately needed updating. ‘I don’t think we envisaged doing a…

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a very modern makeover

As serial renovators, Sara and Jon weren’t deterred by the run-down state of the period home they chose to buy when relocating to Bath. While it was an unliveable wreck, the fact it needed to be stripped down to its bare bones is what attracted the couple to the house in the first place. ‘We’d transformed a similar period home in London and we were keen to do it all over again,’ says Sara. But even hardened renovators can soon find the reality of living on a building site difficult to deal with, especially with a three-month-old baby. ‘We realised that the house just wasn’t safe to live in with a baby,’ admits Sara. ‘The boiler needed replacing, so there was no heating or hot water, the windows were rotten, and…