The Drake

The Drake

Spring 2021

The Drake is a quarterly magazine for people who love flyfishing, and also love quality writing and photography. The Drake is informative, educational, and entertaining, but it is not a "how-to" magazine. Many of the stories are about the "culture" of flyfishing—the people, the places, and of course, the fish.

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abbie’s army

ON JUNE 20, 2018, Martha’s Vineyard-based flyfishing guide and shop owner Abbie Schuster walked into Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s office to advocate for the Magnusson-Stevens Act, a law that has, for the most part, successfully managed federal marine fisheries. It was the end of a busy day, but they spoke excitedly about their shared love for the Vineyard and the environment. They were meant to have only five minutes but spoke for nearly 45, with aides and the sound of the Senate voting-bell interrupting regularly. That meeting, in which Abbie—a wiry five-foot, four-inch relative newcomer to politics who is not yet 30 years old, met Markey, a six-foot-plus, 70-plus powerhouse of New England government—is the story of Abbie’s life. Abbie’s first memory of fishing is as a young girl, when she…

2 min.
for the love of lily

SHE TRAVELLED by crate from Minnesota, curled up beside her brother for 26 hours of labrador kinship en route to the Oregon Coast. A fortuitous text from clairvoyant lab-whisperer Kate Crump—wife to Justin, and dog mom to Kada and Nukka—allowed me to cut in front of a million pup-owners-in-waiting created during the pandemic. Before her February arrival, I’d already named her Lily, after future NBA Finals MVP Damian Lillard, and in honor of bass-lake lilypads, under which lunkers live. She devoured her first meal with both paws placed inside her bowl, perhaps a leftover habit from fending off her brethren, now nearly 2,000 miles away. On our first morning together, Lily met an angry ocean. As remnants of a king tide crashed onto the beach, she sat in the wet sand and squinted…

3 min.
rises letters from the faithful

KIDS THESE DAYS… ARE FANTASTIC? Huge kudos to The Drake for giving young Evan Frits (age 14) a chance with his essay, “Emerald City Escape” (Tippets, Winter 20-21). Not only is it written well, and from a refreshing viewpoint, but I can relive the excitement he’ll get by seeing his words in print, as I did many years ago when a local fish mag gave me a chance as teenager. It’s fantastic to see such a passionate young guy enjoying the sport and writing it all down for our entertainment. May he keep on writing! Ben Mackereth, Queensland, AUS DEFENDER OF ALL THINGS PIKE! I read with much surprise and disgust your recent article, “The Pike Problem” (Winter 20-21). Pike are a game fish, period! That people get paid to eradicate them is beyond…

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imperfect advocates

FROM THE PLATFORM above his outboard, Kyle Schaefer spots things for a living. A migratory striper stalking crabs on a coastal Maine mud flat; his client’s mouse pattern wiggling across the surface; a golden dorado in Iberá Marsh, Argentina. A shadow, a head-wake, a glowing tail, a black horizontal line—these are the indicators Schaefer looks for, the visions that flash when his eyes close at night. He lines up his client, who takes the shot on Schaefer’s cue. The fish eats or doesn’t, the hook sticks or falls out. It’s all part of the game he loves. Like the best guides, Schaefer also notices the less-than-obvious: subtle tide movements, wind shifts, changes in water clarity or bait behavior. An exhaustive inventory that expands with each season. Every detail is information. And…

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cicada cray

THE CICADAS ARE COMING, billions and billions of them, and the trout, bass, and carp (and dogs, and some humans) will totally crush whatever you’re throwing so you better get your 1X ready and—man, stop staring into your fly box—gimme that thing. Don’t even worry about the pattern, these fish will be so jacked-up, just tie on a gurgler or a big stimulator or a wine cork attached to a hook. Cast out there and give the fly a little twitch-twitch and then hold on, dude, that big-ass trout will be headed right for it. IN TRUTH, I have no idea what I’m talking about here. I’ve lived on the East Coast all of my life. Periodical cicadas emerge every couple of years here (and even leak into the Midwest), on…

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skiff challenge

GASOLINE, STALE B.O., sweat-soaked clothing, streaks of runny sunscreen, and a bearded guy brushing his teeth without a shirt on. You could find all these scents and sights on April 11, at the finish line of this year’s Captain’s For Clean Water Skiff Challenge, but they wouldn’t do justice to the journey the participants went through to get there. That wouldn’t show what they are fighting, what seeps through the roots of mangroves deep in the Everglades, or in the veins of Lake Okeechobee. The policy that is slowing choking Florida’s water, Florida’s fish, and the Floridians that care deeply about both. Florida is in trouble, but with the help of four teams racing small skiffs 1,300 miles around the state to raise awareness, the last word may belong to the…