The Field December 2020

Published by TI Media Limited The Field is a monthly glossy magazine dedicated to those brave souls who shoot, fish and hunt way beyond the call of duty. Since 1853, its staff has selflessly brought its readers the cream of rural life, be it pheasant shooting, dry-fly fishing or the distinct merits of Cheval Blanc. If you love field sports, errant terriers and very foxy friends at hunt balls, The Field is for you.

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defending a festive tradition

CHRISTMAS and hunting with hounds have always gone together like goose and dumplings; port and hangovers; Brexit and screaming at an aunt across the dining table. The Boxing Day and New Year’s Day meets are the fulcrum of the hunting year; the best opportunity to showcase our sport to a disconnected public. The UK isn’t alone in making the link: continental traditions reflect this enduring connection between Christmas and hunting. Germany’s dark ages proto-Santa drew on pagan mythology; their Yuletide gift-bringer was the Norse god Wotan (from whom, according to potentially apocryphal genealogies of the Kings of Wessex, HM The Queen is descended). When not riding out on midwinter nights to deliver presents, Wotan led wild, chaotic hunts through the sky. Any mortal who glimpsed his hounds was dragged away to…

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TALLY HO WORLD’S BIGGEST VEG Three vegetable-growing world records were set at this year’s Grow Show: On Tour. Joe Atherton took longest beetroot at 8.56m and longest salsify at 5.57m, while Neil Hands broke the record for heaviest red cabbage at a whopping 31.6kg. PINK-FOOTED GEESE A near-record 84,400 pink-footed geese have been counted at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve. The highest number recorded, in October 2016, is 90,000. AVIAN FLIGHT RECORD A bar-tailed godwit has been tracked flying non-stop from Alaska to New Zealand. The 12,000km distance is a world record for avian non-stop flight. TUMBLERS RSPB REVIEW The RSPB is considering calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting, and regulation of gamebird shooting, after a year-long review of its gamebird shooting policy. BASC says this risks driving a divide between the charity and…

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sustainability principles published

A blueprint for the shooting sector has been created by The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), which launched its ‘Principles of Sustainable Game Management’ in October. The framework promotes best practice and sustainable game management in shooting, and has been adopted by seven other countryside organisations, including the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, the British Game Alliance and the CLA. This framework aims to both deliver a biodiversity net gain and complement Defra’s 25-year environment plan. BASC and the Countryside Alliance have also adopted the principles, which include ensuring that all game fit for human consumption is eaten, that bags are based on a sustainable yield, and that predator control – while vital – does not jeopardise the population or conservation status of the species. Caroline Bedell of BASC said: “More than ever before we…

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inverawe adds game to its offer

Inverawe has added game to its offering, in partnership with Simpson Game. Red and roe venison plus gamebirds are now available for weekly deliveries by courier. Bertie Thewes, sales director at Inverawe, said: “The reception to the new game offering has been exceptional. Including these new products has really helped boost rural business and, importantly, local employment. “We were not only increasing what we offer but also helping Simpson Game with sales,” added Thewes. “As COVID-19 descended and pubs, restaurants and hotels closed, it gave them a new avenue to market.” “It’s been a challenging year with a lot of customers unable to buy from us,” said Cameron Simpson, a director at Simpson Game. “For Inverawe to open up a new avenue to market has been great — it all helps to keep…

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one good deed…

The annual Winter Appeal by the Country Food Trust hopes to raise more than £100,000 to provide 100,000 meals for hungry families across the country. The charity has already delivered 1.6 million meals to people in need and now this year’s appeal is focusing on feeding children, as well as adults, with a venison bolognese ready meal. Follow the Country Food Trust on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for the £5-a-go lottery, with weekly prizes culminating in a grand prize this month. SPORTING COMPANIONS THE FOXHOUND, WHILE RESOLUTELY A PARTY ANIMAL, ALWAYS KEEPS ONE EYE OPEN FOR UNWELCOME VISITORS…

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field champions

Liam Stokes - CEO of the British Game Alliance (BGA) “I took over as CEO of the BGA in May, which felt like the culmination of a career dedicated to shooting and food and a life spent in the countryside. It is a tall order but my goal is to expand our Assurance Scheme to the majority of the shooting sector, so our whole community can confidently boast that it has embraced self-regulation.” His ‘Elysian moment’? “For me, perfection in the field is found on a mini driven shoot with stick, dog and gun, those glorious days on which year-round effort is realised in a slightly chaotic but joyful celebration of camaraderie and quarry.”…