The Field June 2021

Published by TI Media Limited The Field is a monthly glossy magazine dedicated to those brave souls who shoot, fish and hunt way beyond the call of duty. Since 1853, its staff has selflessly brought its readers the cream of rural life, be it pheasant shooting, dry-fly fishing or the distinct merits of Cheval Blanc. If you love field sports, errant terriers and very foxy friends at hunt balls, The Field is for you.

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changing times

CHANGE is marching on the sporting field. The biggest general upheaval that the shooting world has had to contend with since breech-loading will come into play over the next year, four years before the end of the five-year voluntary transition away from lead shot (announced by the shooting organisations in February 2020). In March, the National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) announced that from July 2022 its members will no longer accept game shot with lead, a statement that took many by surprise given that a voluntary framework was already in place. How much of the game market the NGDA represents is not immediately clear, but its statement will certainly accelerate the pace of change on the sporting field and pose some real challenges for shoots and Guns next season as to…

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TO CONTACT THE NEWS DESK MESSAGE US VIA OUR SOCIAL CHANNELS OR SEND AN EMAIL TO CARLA.PASSINO@FUTURENET.COM TALLY HO MAKING A BEELINE Insect charity BugLife has launched a map of B-lines, a network of pathways that connect the country’s most wildflower-rich habitats. People living along those corridors can help beleaguered pollinators by adding flower-rich grassland to their grounds. LOCKDOWN SILVER LINING Lockdown has brought one benefit: a 10% drop in severe light pollution, according to the CPRE’s latest Star Count. HOORAY FOR BIRDS A record number of farmers and gamekeepers participated in the GWCT’s Big Farmland Bird Count 2021, with 25 species from the Red List for Birds of Conservation Concern spotted. TUMBLERS WOODLAND WOES Woodlands are facing multiple threats – from climate change to imported diseases and invasive plants – and more needs to be done urgently to stem…

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britain’s rivers in poor health

Conservationists are calling for urgent measures to tackle the decline of British waterways. “The picture is very poor, with six out of seven rivers failing to meet standards of good ecological health,” says Mark Lloyd of the Rivers Trust. The biggest threat rivers face is pollution, “both from agriculture and the recently publicised overflows from our sewer networks in towns”. Over-abstraction – when too much water is taken away from waterways – and barriers that make it hard for fish to move compound the problem. Chronic pollution can have significant consequences for fish. “Our angler members have witnessed a gradual increase in the frequency, severity and duration of algal blooms on the Wye [pictured], which affect plant and insect life and, ultimately, fish,” says Penelope Gane of Fish Legal, which, along…

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beckford’s garden in bath to be revived

The historic grounds at the foot of Beckford’s Tower in Bath, which once belonged to art collector and writer William Beckford, are to be revived. The building and its gardens were a retreat for the eccentric Beckford [his grave is pictured], who rode there daily from his townhouse, accompanied by a pack of spaniels (one of which is said to haunt the grounds). Restoration work has begun at the 2½-acre site, bought by the Bath Preservation Trust in April thanks to a generous donation from Stephen Morant, who himself owns Beckford’s former estate at Fonthill in Wiltshire. “The project provides an opportunity to better connect the tower with its landscape, so it can be understood and appreciated within the context,” explains the charity’s Claire Dixon. The grounds will be opened to the public…

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field champions

Andrew Hoodless, director of research, GWCT “I am excited to have the opportunity to lead such an experienced and highly motivated research team. Having stepped into this role midpandemic, I am looking forward to seeing first-hand the exemplary work of our farmland, fisheries and uplands teams in the field.” Vision for the future? “I want to implement further training for our younger scientists to ensure we have an adaptable team for the future, able to embrace new technologies and a changing funding environment. An immediate priority is working with our senior scientists to improve understanding of the full effects of game management and point the way to best practice and sustainable countryside management.” Elysian moment? “One of my best experiences was recovering the first geolocators from woodcock in Cornwall in…

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social spotlight

GO WESTIE A picture of West Highland white terriers, first bred by Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch, proved a sensation among Instagram’s Westie fans, with one Fielder commenting: “We loved our Westie–lots of sass and vinegar, and smart as a whip,” while another added: “A vicious vanguard of immortals, I’d hate to see them cresting a hill coming after me.” TOP TIPPLES A question about favourite shootday drinks sparked a barrage of imaginative answers that ranged from “a demi-sec” to “Yellow Chartreuse” and even “beef consommé with lashings of vodka and chilli”. However, sloe gin proved to be by far the most popular tipple, either neat or, more often, with champagne in the aptly-named Sloegasm cocktail – although one gentleman noted that he may prefer “sloe gin and champers, but [would] never say no…