The Hollywood Reporter Awards Special 23B, June 21, 2021

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acts of survival in antebellum america

It seems uncouth to mention The Good Lord Bird and The Underground Railroad in the same sentence — on first glance, the two limited series share little in common except their setting in antebellum America. But there is something to be said about the ability of these shows to exist in the same television season and what they tell us about how one period of time can be rendered in dramatically divergent, but no less affecting, ways. Co-created by Ethan Hawke and Mark Richard and based on the National Book Award-winning novel of the same name by James McBride, Showtime’s The Good Lord Bird follows the adventures of the militant abolitionist John Brown, whose ill-fated raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859 instigated the events that led to the Civil War. This…

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streamers will be laughing all the way to the emmys

COMEDY SERIES THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT HBO Max This darkly funny tale of a hardpartying stewardess who wakes up next to a dead man — did she do it, or did someone else? — was exec produced by Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco, who stars with Zosia Mamet, Rosie Perez and Michelle Gomez. Its eight-episode first season hit in November and December, earned 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and received SAG Award, Golden Globe and Critics Choice noms. GIRLS5EVA Peacock From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt writer Meredith Scardino comes this wacky eight-episode show about the four surviving members of a 1990s one-hit-wonder girl group who reunite in the present day. Released in May with dozens of original tunes by Jeff Richmond (husband to EP Tina Fey) that are as funny as the fast-paced banter, it stands at…

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‘the show begs you to mimic the accent’

I rewatched the pilot after the finale. First of all, I loved the whole thing. As a limited series, it was so dense but also still felt digestible. It’s such an incredibly balanced show for this kind of story. I’m still blown away by how it handled so many different things while tonally giving different levels, too — and all those frequencies fit together in a way that’s very intentional and organic. And Kate’s performance in the pilot is just so great, and it sets up everything so well. I’m obsessed with the backstory that she and a lot of these characters were on the high school basketball team and are chasing some recognition or glory or finding purpose through that. I was talking to Matt [Rogers, co-host of the…

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going wild for mare

“The CDC says it’s ok to turn on the captions for Mare Of Easttown so you can understand what they’re saying.” STEPHEN COLBERT MAY 14, 2021 “I just came home to watch the last episode of #MareOfEasttown only to realize it ended last week and I already saw the finale. This blows” CHELSEA HANDLER JUNE 6, 2021 “Finished Mare of Easttown so now I can return to social media without fear of spoilers.” SUSAN ORLEAN JUNE 1, 2021 “We need a second season of Mare of Easttown and we’re probably not getting it. *climbs ladder into attic*” NATASHA ROTHWELL MAY 31, 2021 “Holy Smokes! Finally finished the last episode of #MareofEasttown. This show is excellent! Incredibly complex performances and suspenseful storytelling all around. Ep 5 was one of the best eps of any show… ever! Bravo to everyone involved! @hbomax” REESE WITHERSPOON JUNE 8,…

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tina fey always gets the first (and last) laugh

Tina Fey was Saturday Night Live’s first female head writer and second female “Weekend Update” anchor before achieving tremendous success with TV series such as 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; films including Mean Girls, Baby Mama and Sisters; a best-selling memoir titled Bossypants; and even a Broadway musical version of Mean Girls. The winner of nine Emmys, three Golden Globes, five SAG Awards, seven Writers Guild awards and three Producers Guild awards, Fey also has been nominated for a Grammy and a Tony and in 2010 became the youngest-ever recipient of the highest honor in the world of comedy: the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The 51-year-old, whose latest projects as an executive producer include NBC’s Mr. Mayor and Peacock’s Girls5eva — both comedies have been…

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‘racism is horrific — we didn’t have to exaggerate’

In Them’s exploration of the iconic American dream through the eyes of a Black family putting down roots in 1950s Compton — with all the racist restrictions, violations and torments common to the era — the series vividly melds all-too-real traumas with supernatural menace to create a new entrant in a burgeoning form of horror, both truth-telling and terrifying. Creator Little Marvin and star Deborah Ayorinde explain why it was important to depict the ugliest moments with unflinching honesty, and reveal the catharsis they experienced in telling the story. Why do you think that the horror genre has emerged as such a potent and effective lens through which to explore the Black experience in America, especially to tell these stories to contemporary audiences? LITTLE MARVIN So much of American history — particularly…