The Hollywood Reporter Awards Special, 29A, August 12, 2021

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how emmy’s ‘bloated cast’ noms crowd out other peak tv options

I am always raving to anyone and everyone who will listen about the brilliance of the Ted Lasso acting ensemble. After avoiding the juggernaut Apple TV+ series for nearly a year after it debuted, I finally shed my sneering contrarianism and irrational aversion to Jason Sudeikis to plunge headfirst into this sweet comedy about a mustachioed Midwestern coach who’s brought to the U.K. to rejuvenate a skeptical soccer team. (Or so he thinks.) Although lead actor frontrunner Sudeikis attracts most of the show’s glory, it’s actually the wider supporting cast that makes something this inherently gooey worth watching: Hannah Waddingham’s vulnerable virago team owner Rebecca; Jeremy Swift’s rebellious toady Higgins; Brett Goldstein’s grouchy footballer-with-a-heart-of-gold Roy; Juno Temple’s ebullient flirt Keeley; Nick Mohammed’s panicky equipment manager Nate; Brendan Hunt’s quippy Coach Beard.…

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is it a comedy? is it a drama? emmy’s category-defying shows

BRIDGERTON Netflix’s sumptuous and sexy romantic series brings fresh life to the costume drama with an irreverent, lovingly historical take on Regency-era England. Contemporary attitudes about sex and womanhood mix beguilingly with a setting typically known for its restrained and repressed old-fashionedness. HACKS Don’t be fooled by Jean Smart’s incredible turn as a sharp-tongued Las Vegas stand-up comedian — the series wouldn’t work without her Gen Z foil played by Hannah Einbinder, whose emotional pratfalls as she stumbles through adulthood provide some of the series’ darker and more affecting narrative arcs. LOVECRAFT COUNTRY It might feel like divine timing that the HBO drama, shot in 2018, premiered last fall following a summer of protests sparked by George Floyd’s murder. TV was due for a reexamination of America’s racist history — and a horror historical lesson…

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a category defined by unlimited talent

PAUL BETTANY WandaVision, Disney+ For his portrayal of Vision, a synthezoid made from vibranium who was thought to be dead but then re-emerged in suburban bliss in Disney+’s first MCU TV series, this character actor is Emmy nominated for the first time. On the nine-episode show, which rolled out in the spring and rated 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, he — like Elizabeth Olsen as Vision’s doting wife, Wanda — seamlessly slips into numerous different sitcom eras. He’s this category’s only nominee whose program is up for best limited/anthology series, and with 23 noms, it has the most of any limited/anthology series — and only one behind The Crown and The Mandalorian for the most of any show — this year. HUGH GRANT The Undoing, HBO The longtime king of rom-coms is working more often…

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for kathryn hahn, wandavision was ‘a surprisingly deep experience’

Kathryn Hahn has been a much-admired actor’s actor for years. The 48-year-old wife and mother of two has done standout work in art house indies (Afternoon Delight, Private Life), in big-studio comedies (Step Brothers, Bad Moms) and on Peak TV (Transparent, I Love Dick). But nobody — least of all her — imagined that this would lead her to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it did when she was cast as the nosy neighbor Agnes — who turns out to be more than meets the eye — on the Disney+ limited series WandaVision, for which she has received some of the best reviews of her career and her second Emmy nomination (after her first nom for Transparent; this year, she’s favored to win best supporting actress in a limited/anthology series).…

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5 other great kathryn hahn performances

1 STEP BROTHERS ALICE Hahn’s breakthrough comedic performance opposite John C. Reilly showed off her ability to improvise with the best of them. 2 AFTERNOON DELIGHT RACHEL Hahn played a frustrated housewife who befriends a stripper (fellow 2021 Emmy nominee Juno Temple) in this Joey Soloway-directed comedy. 3 TRANSPARENT RAQUEL FEIN Hahn earned her first Emmy nomination for her supporting role as a rabbi on the Amazon comedy series created by Soloway. 4 I LOVE DICK CHRIS In a third outing with Soloway, Hahn played an artist obsessed with Kevin Bacon’s eponymous character on this Amazon comedy series. 5 MRS. FLETCHER EVE FLETCHER The HBO comedy starred Hahn as a divorced mother with a teenage son whose midlife crisis leads her down a path of sexual reawakening.…

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‘i did have blancas in my life’

In Pose’s series finale, Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) delivers the news to a young patient that she has tested positive for HIV. The scene mirrors one from the FX show’s pilot, which aired in June 2018, in which Blanca learned of her own HIV-positive status. “We wanted this to be the final moment for Blanca, where we show that she is a survivor,” says Emmy-nominated writer Our Lady J. “Not only is she surviving, but she’s taking care of others in her community the way she was taken care of.”…