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When planning this issue the first thing that sprang to mind was, perhaps predictably, April showers, soon followed by that song from Bambi, which is now stuck in my head! For that reason we’re looking at ways to lock moisture into your skin (p68) this issue, and also because now’s the time we begin to come out from under our winter layers finally and skin is more on show. Sticking with beauty, it was a few years back that I spotted a growing for trend for more mindful products and treatments, and 2019 seems to be the year this trend becomes mainstream, with a number of new holistic beauty books as well as spas and skincare companies taking a much more soulful approach to their offerings. I’m hoping our feature…

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your healthy april

DOUBLE YOUR 5 A DAY! We’re all familiar with the ‘five-a-day’ message but did you know that increasing your fruit and veg intake to 10 portions a day could have a big impact on your mood? A recent study from the University of Leeds suggests that doubling your daily servings can result in happy feelings equivalent to being offered a job when you’re unemployed! Scientists examined data on 50,000 people, comparing their diet with their mental health. If 10 is a step too far, just add one extra portion – the mental health benefits of that have been found to be same as walking for an extra 10 minutes per day over four weeks. • We have some great veg-packed recipes from James Wong’s new book 10 A Day The Easy Way…

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we like to move it, move it

STEP BACK IN TIME Regular exercise – including walking, stair climbing or cycling – has been proven to have amazing effects on your ‘brain age’, with a study revealing it can make your grey matter behave as if it were up to 20 years younger! The research, which examined adults who did six months of either regular cardio or stretching exercises before being given MRI scans, was recently published by the American Academy of Neurology. It also found that adults of any age could see a marked improvement in their thinking ability with even a small increase in fitness levels. And the news is even better for older adults, as results were even more impressive for participants who were in their 40s, 50s and 60s. LOWERING THE PRESSURE April is Stress Awareness Month,…

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reading list

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’ Audrey Hepburn The new perspective one The Source, Dr Tara Swart (£12.99, Vermilion). Unlock your potential with this four-step plan to retrain your brain. Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart uses her background in science and coaching to help you live your best life. The nourishing one 31-Day Food Revolution, Ocean Robbins (£14.99, Hay House). Want to lose weight, heal your gut, and lower your risk of illness? The answer, according to the CEO of the Food Revolution Network, starts on your plate. This month-long plan could change the way you eat forever. prepare and use plants and roots to create simple medicines, as well as enriching your relationship with the world around you. The glowing-with-health one The Skin Nerd: Feeding, Protecting and Respecting Your Skin, Jennifer Rock (£17.99, Headline Home). We’d…

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ed’s edit

YOUR SUNSHINE VITAMIN BOOST You might think it’s only over winter that you need to take vitamin D, but right now is when your body needs it most. From October until March/April, the UBV rays from the sun aren’t strong enough to cause your body to make its own D, so now is when you’re most depleted. I’ve started taking Together Vitamin D3 (£6.99 for 30 caps, Each cap contains 1000iu of D3, which is five times the recommended intake (lots of health professional consider 5,000iu to be optimal, so I take more than one!). I like this brand because not only are its products affordable – nothing is more than £14.99 – but its Yorkshire founders are committed to sourcing natural ingredients and avoiding chemical fillers. They also donate…

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clear your mind from the outside in

SPRING IS HERE AND with it, the urge to purge. Clearing out your clutter can be liberating, and the science is stacking up to prove it can have tangible mental health benefits, making you happier and more productive. It can even improve your diet. And this year more of us than ever have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. Queen of de-cluttering, Marie Kondo, has become very much a household name following the success of her Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. As she did in her bestselling decluttering books, the Japanese author encourages those overwhelmed by their belongings to keep only items that ‘spark joy’. As a result, charity shops have seen a huge spike in donations. Instagram, meanwhile, has gone wild for influencers with spotless lifestyles. Sophie…