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Diabetes is on the rise. If it doesn’t affect you directly, I’ll bet you know someone in your family, or a close friend, who has it. I’m talking about the type 2 kind, which is, by and large, lifestyle induced. The truth is, our carb-heavy diets and more sedentary living are to blame, despite some doctors for years claiming that eating too much sugar made no difference whatsoever. We now know this isn’t the case: diet hugely affects whether or not you develop insulin resistance, which is when your body begins to respond less and less well to the hormone insulin. The result of this is constantly elevated blood sugar, which is damaging to the body in so many ways. Because it’s such a growing concern, we’ve devoted a special…

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the top santé manifesto

“At Top Santé we believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age and regardless of her health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the latest information regarding wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty, empowering you to make informed choices now and for your future health. What’s gone before can’t be undone or redone, so leave it in the past and focus on what you can change today. We’re here to help you on that path to better health, one small step at a time.”…

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gut factfile

Q I’ve heard about my microbiome, but what is it and why does it matter? AA typical digestive tract has 100 trillion active organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This vast ecosystem is known as our gut microbiome. Our modern lifestyles can unbalance and deplete our microbiome. One of the keys to a healthy gut microbiome is directly related to how balanced the bacteria in your gut is. In fact, inside a typical intestine there are billions of active bacteria working in a special relationship to help support the gut microbiome, as well as perform basic physiological processes such as breaking down food. Of course, the mix of this bacteria in the microbiome is unique to each and every person and no two people, including even identical twins, actually share…

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your healthy june

THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH? Planning your next holiday? Consider booking a trip to sunny Catalonia in north-east Spain, where residents have scored highest in an international mental wellbeing survey. Participants scored well when it came to lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety, and had stronger feelings of being loved and useful than people in other nations, including Denmark, which is often rated highly for the happiness of its inhabitants. GET SMART BY EATING NUTS! Eating nuts (more than 10g a day) has been linked with better mental functioning including thinking, reasoning and memory, in adults aged 55 and up. The study, by the University of South Australia, recommends eating two teaspoons of nuts per day for improvements in cognitive function of up to 60 per cent. Try this: For added benefits, ‘activate’…

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reading list

The foodie one Supercharge Your Life: How to put real food at the heart of everything, Lee Holmes (£14.99, Murdoch Books). This covers a vast selection of easy, veg-packed recipes that don’t scrimp on flavour. With some of the prettiest photography in the biz, this will have you living your healthiest life. The empowering one Gene Eating: The science of obesity and the truth about diets, Dr Giles Yeo (£14.99, Seven Dials). Based on his years of research, Dr Giles explains why diets don’t work. The green-fingered one The Healing Power of Plants, Fran Bailey (£12.99, Pop Press). A pretty book for the green-fingered (or plant murderers longing to do better!). Discover which plants suit which environments, and how to keep them in fine fettle. The calming one Everyday Yoga Meditation, Stephen Sturgess (£14.99, Watkins). This is full of practical exercises…

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THE MAGNIFICENT MINERAL Magnesium is high on my radar for its ability to promote relaxation and soothe eczema. The mighty mineral plays a key role in helping your body deal with stress, metabolise fats and cholesterol, soothe nerves and muscles (if you get twitchy legs you almost certainly need more mag) and is important for heart health. It’s also best absorbed through the skin, so when I get the time, I have a soak in the tub with a generous handful of Westlab’s Relaxing Magnesium Flakes (£8.99, 60% of your body’s magnesium is in your teeth and bones! “With super-dry skin, I’m always on the look-out for good body scrubs. This new Elemis Sea Lavender & Samphire Salt Scrub (£38, does the job nicely – plus I love its marine…