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What’s your ‘spirit age’? By that I mean the age you feel, not your chronological age. It’s a topic we’re looking at this month in our Secrets to a Younger You (p16) feature. The writer, in one of her tips, suggests channelling Helen Mirren and other realistic role models, rather than someone such as Madonna, who does her utmost to halt time. But I disagree, as I think: why not look to Madonna for inspiration? I am a lifelong fan though so am biased. I’ve just listened to her new album (and loved it; I have them all). She’s 61 in August, still making incredible music and looks great. A lot of people think she ought to ‘act her age’ but why should we succumb to what society thinks we…

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the top santé manifesto

“At Top Santé we believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age and regardless of her health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the latest information regarding wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty, empowering you to make informed choices now and for your future health. What’s gone before can’t be undone or redone, so leave it in the past and focus on what you can change today! We’re here to help you on that path to better health, one small step at a time.”…

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your healthy july

CHOCS AWAY! While it might seem an odd choice for the summer months, July 7 is International Chocolate Day. Melty as it might be, we’re not ones to shy away from the sweet stuff – and it turns out that picking the right type might give your health a boost into the bargain. Two American studies last year found that eating chocolate with a minimum 70 per cent cocoa can be a powerful inflammation fighter, as well as reducing stress and lifting mood. For a cacao hit the healthier way, try PlayinChoc (£2.95, Each dinky box contains five individually wrapped 10g bars, made only of cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla, making them vegan too. They’re a big hit with our editor! 50 ... is the recommended portion of rice to add to…

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reading list

The yoga one Life In Flow, by Kate Kendall (£16.99, Murdoch Books) Reconnect with your body and mind, slow down and embrace the yogic lifestyle with the help of this gorgeous book that combines mindful mantras with simple flowing sequences to soothe your mind. The foraging one Root to Stem, by Alex Laird (£9.99, Penguin Life) This little guide to natural, seasonal remedies is written by a medical herbalist with more than 20 years’ experience. There’s everything from natural sun blocks to flu tonics. The chill-out one Your Meditation Journey, by Charla Devereux (£12.99, Eddison Books) It’s easy to feel daunted by the idea of meditation, but this book leads you through it step by step. Take time for a moment of calm using one of these 30 exercises and visualisations. The green one Skogluft: Forest Air, by Jorn Viumdal…

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ed's edit

GOOD HAIR DAYS HELP BREAST CANCER CHARITY I’ve always used ghd when straightening my hair, and although my set is in orange, now you can get this limited edition “ink on pink” design with £10 from both the ghd Gold (£139, and Platinum (£175) models going to Breast Cancer Now. The collections launch on July 22. Kure Bazaar polishes (£15, are made from a base of potato, wheat, cotton, corn and bamboo and are free from the top 10 petrochemicals. These soft pinks are so flattering. HAPPY HEALTHY SKIN In 2009 I interviewed Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life. I told her I had eczema and she emailed me an affirmation. A decade later, eczema sufferer Camille Knowles has created a card deck, Positive Vibes (£19.99,, based on…

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the secrets to a younger you

ACTRESS AND model Christie Brinkley recently had her 65th birthday – but instead of celebrating that actual number, she called it her 15th 50th birthday, in recognition of the fact she feels no older than 50. This, she says, is her ‘spirit age’, which is nothing to do with how old she might be chronologically. And this is an idea we love, at Top Santé as thinking this way has been proven to turn back the clock. Most of us already have a ‘spirit age’. Studies on ageing find most people feel 15 per cent younger than they are. In recent years, researchers examining the science of ageing have found that the more positive we feel about getting older, the more slowly it happens. People who think they are younger than they…