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September plays host to a number of awareness events, including one for migraines. This condition affects around a fifth of women but there are techniques helping people find ease and sometimes even complete relief. Our report on migraines (p40) includes six new as well as ancient ways to curb these headaches. It’s also the time of year to celebrate all things organic, whether that’s fruit and veg or sourcing organic meats and dairy from local farms. Our Food & Drink news pages (p80) will give you a starting point for ideas... And in part two of our focus on the water we drink (p23), this time we look to hydrogen, alkaline and “EZ” waters as ways to improve overall health. The start of autumn also often heralds the onset of colds, so…

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correction for august issue

In the August issue we included an article on water (The Power of Purity). It suggested all plastic water bottles contain BPA. This was innacurate as not all plastic bottles contain BPA. Only those made of polycarbonate contain BPA. Most are made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and BPA is not used in the manufacture of PET. However, the possible health risks of all plastics are still being debated. Two European studies found PET to have hormone disrupting effects, and an American study found PET to contain ‘antimony trioxide’, which is considered cancer-causing. It can leach out of bottles made from PET if they are left for a long time in a hot environment. Read more on BPA on p29 and on our website.…

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hydrate & re-plump your skin

AS SKIN AGES, COLLAGEN, the structural support of your skin, diminishes and moisture levels drop. Result: More pronounced wrinkles and sagging skin. But it is possible to slow the ageing process, especially when you know about these three simple yet powerful skincare ingredients... INGREDIENT NO. 1 HYALURONIC ACID 100% natural HA can transform even the driest skin, giving a dewy, radiance you didn’t think possible. That’s because it holds 1,000 times its weight in water-restoring volume, making skin supple and plumping out fine lines. Result: Visibly re-plumped and hydrated skin. INGREDIENT NO. 2 GLYCOLIC ACID Derived from sugar cane GA penetrates the skin revitalising the cells, so it looks and acts years younger. That’s because it gets deep into the skin sloughing off dead cells, stimulating skin repair. Result: Vibrant, even skin tone. INGREDIENT NO. 3 COFFEE The magic bean Green Coffee…

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your healthy september

EXERCISE TO BOOST YOUR BRAIN HEALTH One more reason to get moving – higher levels of daily physical activity may protect you from the cognitive decline and brain tissue loss. New research from Massachusetts has revealed that the healthier your heart (and the lower your risk of vascular problems) the more protection you have against developing Alzheimer’s. You also have an increased ability to delay the effects of the disease. So make the most of all your late summer activities for body and brain benefits! Plus, try our recipes with brain benefits on p88. Can an app beat migraine pain? Migraines can be debilitating but a new app is being developed to help put a stop to them. Researchers at NYU have developed an app that teaches sufferers how to relax different muscles…

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reading list

The myth-busting one Is Butter a Carb?, by Rosie Saunt and Helen West (£14.99, Piatkus). Nutritional advice can be bewildering. This book sets out to separate fact from fiction, with two registered dieticians translating the latest research straight to your plate. The productivity-boosting one Physical Intelligence, by Claire Dale and Patricis Peyton (£14.99, Simon & Schuster). If you’ve ever sat at your desk feeling sluggish and waiting for inspiration to strike, you need this book! It’s an easy guide to boosting your brainpower, endurance, strength and productivity. The ayurvedic one Eat Feel Fresh, by Sahara Rose Ketabi (£16.99, DK). We’ll forgive this book its odd title as it’s a gem of a cookbook, packed with ayurvedic goodness and 100 recipes. Discover which foods suit you, and use cookery to heal your body and soul. The inspiring one Thinking On My…

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ed’s edit

VEG IN A FLASH! I love salads but dislike making them – all that slicing, dicing and grating is time consuming. The VeggieBullet (£149.99, makes things quick. The three-in-one spiraliser, shredder and slicer breezes through food prep thanks to its powerful 500-watt motor, which handles huge quantities of veg – perfect for knocking up a family-sized salad! LOVE FOR YOUR LIPS Dry lips are the bane of my life but 3LAB Healthy Glow Lip Balm (£50, provides immediate moisture and a subtle hint of pink. Anti-aging algae and a collagen stimulator help combat lines and plump up my pout. Made with 90 per cent natural ingredients, this balm does what it says on the tin! Anyone with ‘chicken skin’ on their upper arms (i.e. me!) will love Lancer The Method: Body Nourish…