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Who do you want to be this year? How do you want to feel? I ask these questions because it’s not every day we begin a new year, let alone a new decade. Advancements in health, fitness, beauty and nutrition seem only to be speeding up, and yet what we need now more than ever is to slow down and take our time. Let’s all turn off the tech for a while (yes, we’ll switch it back on again as we can’t forgo it forever), and sit with ourselves for a moment, in silence, in stillness, in contemplation. Find at least five minutes, 15 if you can, to sit quietly and tune in to your heart... what is it saying? In 2019, I did an eight-week online course with transformational…

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the top santé manifesto

“We believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age, regardless of health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the latest information on wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty, empowering you to make informed choices now and for your future health. What’s gone before can’t be undone or redone, so let’s leave it in the past and focus on what can be changed today! We’re here to help you, one small step at a time.”…

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your healthy january

GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS Making a New Year’s resolution? Be careful who you share it with. For the best chance of success, you should share it with someone of perceived ‘higher status’ than yourself, for example, your boss, a mentor, or someone you look up to. Researchers from Ohio State University have revealed people who did this showed greater commitment to their goal and performance. DITCH THE BLEACH Here’s one more reason to look for more environmentally friendly cleaning methods: a new study has found that using bleach creates airborne particles. Researchers from the American Chemical Society found that chlorine bleach can react with a citrus compound in many cleaning products to make particles potentially harmful to both people and pets. • Looking for a bleach-free cleaning range? Try Method, which is available at most…

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reading list

The one for Bake Off fans Super Sourdough, by James Morton (£20, Quadrille Publishing) Sourdough bread has never been more popular. It’s a healthy, alternative to white bread, not to mention tastier. But baking it can be tricky, so this book is the perfect guide. The health-boost one Feel Better in 5, by Dr Rangan Chatterjee (£16.99, Penguin Life) Our favourite doc is back, this time with a daily plan of five-minute tips to help sustain good health. Covering everything from hormones to gut health, creativity to workouts, this will kick-start your healthy new year. The lifestyle one Yoga: A Manual for Life, by Naomi Annand (£20, Bloomsbury Sport) A beautiful guide – this is the perfect coffee table book for would-be yogis. Discover how to use breath-lead movement to increase energy, calm your mind and feel inspired. The…

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had enough of being overweight?

Are you constantly struggling to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight? How many diets have you tried and failed, feeling totally frustrated and not knowing what to do next? If you are at the point where ‘enough is enough’ read on! It can be extremely frustrating no matter what you do, you just can’t get to the weight you want to be. If you have reached the stage where enough is enough and you want to get your weight under control once and for all, read on! Improving your health and wellbeing None of us need to be reminded how being overweight can affect so many different areas of one’s life, to name just a few: appearance, self-esteem, health, well-being and fitness. It is one thing knowing this, but what do you do…

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GET PURE WATER ON THE GO Water bottles can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned. The world’s first self-cleaning bottle from LARQ (£95, uses innovative UV-C LED technology to purify both the water and inner surfaces of the bottle, giving you pristine drinking water all the time. Look cool on court These Tretorn High Tops (£130, will look stylish either during a match or paired with jeans for a casual day. They’re made from part-recycled rubber and eco leather (meaning the hides were obtained without the animals dying specifically for their skins). DRY HAIR IN NO TIME This 2200W Touch Control Hairdryer from Grundig (£69.99, dries your hair in a flash! The sleek design has rose gold details while the LED display and fingertip touch control allows you…