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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life (so goes the song) but are we feeling good? Normally the New Year is a time to stride confidently and courageously into the year, optimistic and raring to go. This New Year will have no doubt have felt different from most, if not all, previous New Years... certainly in terms of how we celebrated. The festive period may for many have felt less ‘merry and bright’ than those before, with all the uncertainty in the world. Without wishing to start off on a downer, it’s important to acknowledge the difficulties we’ve all faced, in so many ways and walks of life. People’s physical and mental health has undoubtedly suffered because of the restrictions placed upon our liberty. It’s…

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the top santé manifesto

“We believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age, regardless of health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the latest information on wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty, empowering you to make informed choices now and for your future health. What’s gone before can’t be undone or redone, so let’s leave it in the past and focus on what can be changed today! We’re here to help you, one small step at a time.”…

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your healthy january

ONE REASON TO CHERISH THE CHILL… It may be nippy, but – if you can bear it – there’s a good reason to head outside, particularly if your new year’s resolution is weight loss. Viennese research has found that cold temperatures can increase your levels of vitamin A. This can help convert ‘bad’ white adipose tissue into ‘good’ adipose tissue. Brown fat is a good thing to have, as it helps keep you warm and stimulates fat burning, helping to keep your weight down. DEALING WITH STRESS (IN A PANDEMIC) You’d be forgiven for feeling stressed this past year year. But an American survey has revealed that people who take stock of their emotions – whether fear, sadness, loneliness, or something else – and then address them with a mindful action, such as…

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reading list

The seasonal one The Almanac: A seasonal guide to 2021, by Lia Leendertz (£10.99, Octopus) What a treasure trove this is. It’s a guide that will keep you connected to the seasons throughout the year. But you’ll find more than just tide times and phases of the moon. You can discover recipes, meditation ideas, jobs to do in the garden and even a sea shanty. Truly delightful. The motivational one Dream, Believe, Succeed: Strictly inspirational actions for achieving your dreams, by Camilla Sacre-Dallerup (£10.99, Watkins) The former Strictly professional dancer, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is now a life coach and motivational speaker. This book is part memoir, part self-help and aims to nudge you towards your goals while you read about Camilla’s own extraordinary life. The liberating one Don’t Bother: A misguided mindlessness journal for people who like themselves…

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ed's edit

Borough Broth Company Organic Chicken Pho Broth Bundles (from £28.50, will help restore your gut health – great if you overindulged at Christmas! Pho is commonly served as a soup with noodles, but is also good served solo as a warming drink. Roots Manuka Honey (from £40, is high-strength, organic, single-origin manuka honey from a remote area of Australia. Unlike New Zealand manuka honey that can sometimes have a medicinal taste to it, this has a more floral flavour. It is unpasteurised, enzyme-rich and antibacterial – perfect for flu season. Whole Earth Crunchy Dark Roasted Peanut Butter (£3.09, is gluten free and made with natural ingredients. It’s a great source of fibre and protein, with absolutely no added sugar and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. Ahmad Tea (£3,…

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3 of the best... healing balms

Skin Shop LipQ Liquorice Balm (£8.50, is a must for anyone with cold sores. It’s proven to reduce severity and duration of outbreaks thanks to liquorice’s ability to weaken the dormant virus. Guy Morgan Flower of 5 Wounds (£40, guy-morgan. com) is great for those with sensitive skin. Made with 98.5 per cent organic ingredients, it’s formulated with a base of passionflower seed oil, which is high in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, and shea butter to hydrate. Green People ONE balm (£20, is a multitasking wonder that comes in a 100 per cent biodegradable pot. Soothing myrrh assists in healing inflamed skin, while pomegranate and rosehip help repair the skin.…