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Close to 4 million people in England alone live with a diagnosis of diabetes, and 90 per cent of those cases are type 2. What’s more, it’s estimated another million are living with the condition but don’t yet know it. At Top Santé, we don’t believe a diagnosis has to equate to a life sentence. There are plenty of people reversing diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes. We’ve got some of those stories on our new-look website ( and our special section this issue is dedicated to advice on type 2. There’s some great advice from nutritionist and low-carb author Sarah Flower, who shares how to start a low-carb way of eating (p39) and why it can help you swerve diabetes. We also look at why weight training helps manage…

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your healthy july

HUNGER STRIKES AGAIN If you’re constantly peckish, a new piece of research might explain why. Scientists from King’s College London have made a breakthrough in the way we understand blood sugar. Previously, research has focused on the two hours after eating, but it’s now been shown that participants experienced sugar dips much later into the day, between two and four hours after their initial peak. Some people experienced much more severe dips than others, despite eating the same meals. Those who experienced big dips several hours after eating felt up to nine per cent hungrier and ended up consuming hundreds more calories during the day than those who didn’t experience such extremes. They also waited around half an hour less before their next meal compared to ‘little dippers’. So, if you’re…

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love your liver

You probably already know that exercise is wonderful for your heart, but did you know there are benefits for your liver, too? Japanese researchers have found that following a regular exercise regime can reduce liver steatosis (a build-up of fat) and stiffness in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is the most common liver disorder worldwide. When paired with a weight loss programme, regular exercise reduced liver steatosis by an additional 9.5 per cent, and liver stiffness by an additional 6.8 per cent. ‘With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?’Oscar Wilde.…

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reading list

The reflective one A Little Sunshine and a Little Rain: A poetry journal, by Sabina Laura (£14.99, Frances Lincoln) Putting pen to paper is therapeutic, but sometimes the writing process can be rather slow going. This journal helps get things moving with prompts to inspire you to write poetry and prose. Let the creative juices flow! The science one Overloaded: How every aspect of your life is influenced by your brain chemicals, by Ginny Smith (£16.99, Bloomsbury) There’s so much more to the way our brains work than we can be aware of on a day-to-day basis, and it’s fascinating to discover more about it. This book looks at the influence of the chemicals in your brain on functions including emotions, memory and motivation. The writing is engaging, so you don’t need a science degree…

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ed’s edit

The Fatt Pack (£10, includes a mix of ketogenic nut bars and one cookie – perfect to help me on my keto diet. High fibre, prebiotic and with no artificial sweeteners, the pack includes the brand’s new Caramel & Sea Salt Bar (pictured) and Almond & Vanilla Cookie. All with less than 3g carbs each. Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+ (£10, is on my fave sunscreen list. It’s designed for sun-damaged skin and to minimise pigmentation but what I like best is the high factor, the ease with which it applies, and the very slight green tinge to reduce redness. Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant (£13, gives natural but effective protection from odour and lasts all day. Free from aluminium, bicarbonate of soda, alcohol, silicone and fragrance, the deodorant combines…

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jasmine harman

I have to enjoy health and fitness for it to be sustainable. At primary school, I was captain of the netball team but I wasn’t a natural sportswoman. So, in my teens, I went to aerobic classes, which is my go-to workout of choice because I love the music and choreography, and enjoy being around other people. Working out with others is hugely motivating and I feed off other people’s energy. I’ve realised in lockdown that I don’t get the same buzz from an online workout as a group exercise class, which explains why I’ve struggled to do a workout over the past 12 months. It’s sad that as a young teenager I was already indoctrinated to think that thinner was better. At 14, I was scouted by a modelling agency…