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Transworld Skateboarding

March/April 2019

For over 25 years, TransWorld SKATEboarding has showcased the best photography, creative direction, and storytelling in skateboarding. More than just the world's #1 skateboarding magazine-TWS is skateboarding, delivering the best original content to the printed page, computer screen, HDTV, iPhone, and bedroom wall. By skateboarders, for skateboarders.

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1 min.
vans berle pro

With an affinity to keep things simple, Elijah Berle’s new signature model from Vans focuses on three critical tenants when it comes to its design—support, grip, and boardfeel—packing only the necessary tools for its sole purpose: skateboarding. The shoe also introduces Vans’ new ‘Wafflecontrol’ technology; a unique parametric waffle sole precisely calibrated to the perfect formula of depth within Vans’ iconic diamond pattern, with its main purpose being to further optimize the superior grip Vans is already known for. Hellbent on giving everything in the moment, Elijah hasn’t slowed down one bit over the last few years and doesn’t show any sign of doing so. No wonder he was next in line to receive his own pro model shoe from one of skateboarding’s most iconic footwear brands. Get yourself a…

1 min.
josh feist

Josh is the kind of person you’re always glad to have around. I can’t think of one power tool he doesn’t own that’s not on him at all times. I’ve hit this guy up to break into my car, fix spots… you name it. He’s also the most determined and persistent person I film with, he’s made me go to spots at 7a.m. and 3 a.m. Maybe one day he’ll learn how to write his own emails though. Often imitated, never duplicated. Don’t sleep on my guy. Sponsors: Terror of Planet X, Kinetic, adidas, Theories Brand Age: 26 Home: Downingtown, Pennsylvania Am who should be pro: Mark Del Negro. Best style: Ricky Geiger, Mark Del Negro and Pat Franklin. Recommended IG follow: Unfollow everyone and go skate with your friends. Last sport played: Competitively baseball and recreationally…

1 min.
carlo carezzano

Carezzano’s skating oozes with style, enthusiasm and diligence. Billy Rohan noticed him first as a young gun in Santo Domingo. He’s in the Big Apple now shining hard in the streets and touring the globe with the Natty Kon/AriZona squad. El chamaquito esta listo! Sponsors: Natural Koncept Skateboards, AriZona Iced Tea, adidas Age: 28 Home: NYC, New York Am who should be pro: Shawn Butler. Best style: Brandon Westgate. Recommended IG follow: @bonestalone. Last sport played: Basketball. Trick you need to learn: 360 flip noseblunt. Biggest fear: Snakes. Favorite filmer: Allan Valdez. What skating needs more of: Creating opportunities for skaters from the entire globe to get exposure.…

6 min.
john shanahan

I love where skateboarding is at today. The culture itself is liquid cement; able to constantly reinvent itself, on a whim, then harden—by incorporating shifts in its progressive arc, stylistic or terrain preferences, and increasingly—by recycling and updating trends, products, and philosophies from within its own past. This is also being done more and more frequently by a new generation of skaters whether or not they lived through the era, products, and philosophies being sampled. So as Auby Taylor (born circa 1990) opts for Jeff Phillips ‘80s vert, John Shanahan (born 1995) has firmly grasped the mantle of the late ‘90s/‘00s Kalis/Stevie DC swishy shants hey day. Initially hunting down NOS (New Old Stock) DCs on eBay and in thrift stores, Shanahan’s interest (and the resulting interest in his interest) now…

6 min.
la days

It’s getting harder and harder to get photos printed in magazines these days. Lately, it seems that you have to have an angle of some sort to get things printed, like working on an interview with someone, or going on an extravagant trip to some exotic location with a high caliber team. At times it can be a bit discouraging to keep going out locally to shoot skateboarding without really knowing if the photos will ever see some action. But I try not to think about that and I definitely don’t let that idea stop me from going out. Shooting skateboarding can be a lot like fishing, some days are better than others. Hell, some months are better than others. Sometimes you can be out all day and not get…

9 min.
alexis ramirez

We used to see Alexis around San Diego, with his buddy George Torres. They’d skate our Come Up Tours, they became locals at Memo Park—they were good kids, good at skating, and just kind of quiet and humble. I remember going out one hot summer day with Alexis to shoot his Check Out, we didn’t get anything, and then I didn’t see him for a while. The next time I did see him, damn, he was good. ‘Mafia put him on as an am, and with Wes vouching for him, once the DC Shoes team saw him skate, he got on there as well. When we took a Transworld trip to China last year, we asked Alexis to come, and he was everything you’d want and more: Mellow, always-smiling, and…