Trapper & Predator Caller

Trapper & Predator Caller

December 2020

The ultimate guide for those who enjoy hunting and trapping, Trapper & Predator Caller covers the entire sport, from the most sophisticated devices to the simplest, time-tested techniques. Each issue contains news, in-depth features and how-to tips on trapping, the art of predator calling, and animal damage control. Contributors include the top names in the business. Regular columns and departments include "School Days," "The Market Report," "Furbearer Behavior," "Make This Set," "End of the Line," and news from state trapping associations nationwide.

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our own worst enemy

I spent an afternoon not long ago reminiscing and swapping can-you-top-this stories with another “seasoned citizen” trapper. Call him John. We were fishing at the time, and since not much was happening, we had a lot of time for stories and tall tales. Predictably, the conversation eventually turned to the state of trapping today, what is wrong with it and how (or if) we can fix it. All the usual culprits got mentioned: The collapse of the world fur market. The strained and over-spent world economy that caused it. The increase in urban/suburban citizens and the corresponding decrease in country dwellers. The inevitable and accelerating die-off of the Baby Boomer generation, who have most of the purchasing power, and who also have a generally favorable attitude toward wearing fur. The increasing…

3 min.

Muskrats might be small, but they can wreak havoc on ponds, lakes, streams and any other body of water. They are known to carry rabies, contaminate drinking water and destroy gardens. If you have these little critters on your property, you need to get rid of them. Trapping is the best way to get rid of muskrats. In states where it is legal, colony traps can remove a lot of muskrats in a hurry. It is possible to take several muskrats a night in one of these traps. Depending on the population, you could have them removed in just a couple of nights. In some states, it’s legal to shoot nuisance muskrats with or without a permit. Just be sure to know the regulations where you live beforehand. Also, depending on where…

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lunchbox muskrat

I’m sitting here on the bank of a little dribbling brook that comes off the base of the hills into the Ohio Valley. It bisects an old farmstead, with a big house on one side of the brook and old dairy barn on the other. I imagine in antiquity, there was a spring house adjacent to this brook, where they cooled their milk cans. It’s an idyllic little spot, and cool in the shade, where I can eat my lunch. It’s the dead of summer. I did a lot of work painting houses in the summer, and had contracted to paint that old, two-story farm house — two coats. That was going to take awhile. I packed my lunch every day. In the days before the insulated lunch bucket, I packed my…

5 min.
results are in after season’s first auction

When Fur Harvesters Auction in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, held the first wild fur sale of the year on August 30-31, 2020, trappers all over North America finally had some real numbers about what was really happening with wild fur. For the past few months, really over almost half a year, everything about selling fur was postponed. The world was stalled because of a global coronavirus pandemic, and world travel was either impossible or unpractical. At the end of the day, the impact was that fur sales dropped, everything became dormant, and trappers had to wonder when and where things would start again. In the meantime, North American Fur Auctions had ceased operations, and the future did not look so good for trappers. You could say that even the most optimistic had…

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embracing the management mindset

I was beyond thrilled. The ice on the flowage wasn’t safe to cross and I’d made a mistake of setting an ancient beaver colony the day before. The flow made it so the ice never got more than one decent thrust with the ice pick thick. I’d actually brought a length of rope, to pull the supplies behind me, as even a few traps may be the difference between using my feet as cross country skies to cross or break through. Crossing that ice was honestly one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever done. Then, after having slid my boots across the ice the next day, two of the three runs that I’d set farther from the lodge held super blankets. They, along with the three traps I’d set, were…

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top coyote depredation locations

As I traveled through the old coal mining towns of Southern Colorado, I looked at the straight, up-and-down, rock-laden mountains covered with pinion and cedars and wondered why anyone would run cattle in this type of country. There was not much grass and the only things that were abundant were predators. It was not my job to question why, though. My job was to stop some coyotes from killing more calves for this rancher. Every coyote trapper, whether producing fur or working on depredation issues, will face challenging demographics and terrain that would make a saint cuss. Also, every coyote trapper that has set steel knows from experience that the main strategy to put a coyote in a trap is to put that trap where the coyote can find it. Some of…