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Trends SA Home Owner Special Edition

Trends SA Home Owner Special Edition

Trends SA Home Owner Special Edition 2020

SA Home Owner Trends Special Edition 2018 is a yearly publication and a forecast on the latest trends, with more emphasis on the interiors, kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike the monthly magazine, where we feature more than one house. Here we focus on one extremely high-end, trend setting luxury home. A detailed focus in the interiors, kitchen and bathroom latest offerings based on international influence and local inspiration. Kitchens will be focusing on high tech kitchen innovations i.e appliances. For bathrooms will be looking at the next level bathroom also high-tech i.e foot spas. Interiors are all about high-end luxury furniture designs and comfort.

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africa and nature-inspired designs

I am excited to see that the term “local” is finally receiving the attention and celebration it deserves. The concern for green living is being embraced by local designers choosing locally sourced material that is environmentally friendly. Find out what is trending this year on page 16 and we take this discussion further on page 96 on how the idea of 2020 vision is expressed in an African context. In this issue we bring you what is trending when it comes to your interior spaces. Starting with kitchens on page 42, functionality remains key while allowing the kitchen to merge seamlessly with the living room. Moving on to bathrooms on page 48 we see how sustainability in design is a necessity, as is functionality that is in sync with the environment. Check…

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design and décor trends for 2020

Silars Hlungwani, managing director of Chivalry Designs, talks about humanity’s innate need to connect with nature A new year means a fresh start, and is the perfect time to revamp your home. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your home next year, here are a few trends we believe will make their way into homes in 2020. NEUTRALS COLOURS Neutrals come in pretty classic and serene shades; shades of grey and beige. Neutrals are not super-busy, and therefore are not heavy on the eye. Our prediction for 2020 sees warm neutrals making their way in, while cool neutrals fade into the background. The reason for this is that in a world where everything is becoming more and more sophisticated, homes are increasingly becoming a space for escape; a haven…

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out of africa

“As considered as this home may be, there are still a few elements that manage to surprise.” While the need for a house filled with natural light and a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience may have served as the catalyst for this build, it’s the mix of textures and personal touches that really make it feel like home. “A home is something that feels intimate,” says the owner. “And what makes it intimate are the personal touches that one puts in a house, such as their choice of décor. It’s a place that one feels personally attached to and at peace in.” For the owner, a feeling of peace is felt even before she sets foot through her front door thanks to the inclusion of a stunning koi pond that runs throughout the home.…

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making it modern

Nestled in the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, this recently renovated home was designed for family living comprising a spacious open layout, communal living areas and entertainment spaces. “The design of the home is very open-plan, which is exactly what we wanted. We love that the living areas all flow into each other. The open-plan bar-and-patio space that overlooks the pool and garden is perfect for us to enjoy our weekends with family and friends. And, when the sun goes down, the home cinema is the ideal spot to bring the family together to relax and enjoy an awesome movie experience.” For the finishes of the interiors, the owners wanted to keep it natural and neutral. “There are many natural elements we tried to incorporate: the wooden floors and wooden ceilings, in their…

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natural innovation

The kitchen is central to everyday modern life, and for this reason it needs to offer more than just cooking functionality – it should be as inviting and as comfortable as the living and dining areas that surround it. For these reasons, the current décor trends will continue to find direct translation in kitchen spaces, allowing the kitchen to merge seamlessly with the living environment. CONSIDERED CRAFTSMANSHIP As far as look and feel are concerned, 2020 will bring even more texture, natural materials and cosy, cocoon-like colours to the kitchen. Heidi Arenstein of Future Classics says, “Kitchens are becoming more and more focal as a living space, rather than just an eating or cooking space. Kitchen elements are going to look increasingly like furniture. Appliances will, of course, be present and fully functional,…

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new kitchen wonders

The AGA Masterchef Deluxe 110cm cooker is perfect for those aspiring to own an AGA but would prefer the instant control of a conventional range cooker. The next-generation five-zone induction hob with bridging capability offers a safe, cost-effective and efficient way of cooking. www.agaliving.co.za Miele’s Generation 7000 appliances help users attain culinary excellence via onboard smart assistants, including a heat-protected, built-in camera that transmits images in HD quality to a tablet, PC or smartphone. www.miele.co.za This Whirlpool DDLX 80115 freestanding tumble dryer features a spacious 8kg-capacity drum as well as exclusive 6th SENSE Technology that constantly monitors the moisture in the drum, protecting your clothes and providing ideal drying results. www.whirlpool.co.za Available from Hirsch’s, the Grundig Connoisseur four-door wine cooler fridge is as practical as it is elegant. One of the sections allows…