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loose talk

“Abnormally talented, but normal personality? Those people are unicorn-special.” Gushing over how much she loved host Jonathan Majors during her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live TAYLOR SWIFT“I almost had to be unfaithful to my dentist. Like, ‘If you can’t take me today I’ll go somewhere else.’” On recently chipping her front tooth, which she says looked “incredibly janky” KRISTEN STEWART“The good Lord gave me a voice. I intend to use it until I’ve run out of air.” Confirming that he has no plans to retire ROD STEWART“I love to be married. I would marry again for sure. Dating? No.” Opening up about how much she hates the singles scene KENDRA WILKINSON“In my 20s, when I was being judged, it’d hurt my feelings. But now I feel compassion, and think…

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hot pics!


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a day in my life

7:00 A.M. CUSTOM FIT Alaska goes shopping first thing! “I’m going on tour next year, so I got to get my first set of custom in-ear monitors,” says the famed drag queen (real name: Justin Honard). “At Jerry Harvey Audio they made a mold of my ear so I’ll have the perfect fit while performing.” 10:00 A.M. SESSION TIME “Working in the studio can be very rewarding,” admits the singer, who just released the dance track “Red.” “I love [recording] with producers who push me to be my best.” 12:00 P.M. GETTING GLAM “My time in the mirror while I paint my face is meditative and very personal,” shares Alaska, as she does her makeup. “It can’t be rushed!” 2:00 P.M. STRIKE A POSE “Hello? Who’s there? It’s glamour!” jokes the author. “I am doing some promotional…

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love lives

BLAKE & RYAN Keeping the Faith Three daughters and nine years of marriage has only solidified the love between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. “They have such an easy vibe,” a source tells Us, of the actress, 34, and actor, 45, who recently enjoyed a date night in NYC to celebrate their pal Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night Live appearance. “There’s no fuss or insecurity on either side.” In fact, that’s what makes them work. “They thrive on having this dynamic where trust is 100 percent established,” says the source. “Plus, they share the same devilish sense of humor!” JENNIFER & COOKE Countdown to Baby Jennifer Lawrence can’t wait to meet her little one, but an insider tells Us that the pregnant star is also enjoying being pampered by hubby Cooke Maroney while she waits. “Jennifer’s…

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barry’s brood

Barry Watson hasn’t rewatched episodes of his classic drama series, 7th Heaven, but the same can’t be said for his kids — Oliver, 16, Felix, 14 (with ex Tracy Hutson), and Clover, 9 (with wife Natasha Gregson Wagner). “I don’t remember any of that show. It’s all a blur because it was so long ago for me,” admits the actor, 47. “But [Felix] watched it during the beginning of lockdown [and] Oliver watched one episode.” Here, Watson tells Us more about his kids’ hilarious reaction. Q: What did they think of 7th Heaven? They just made fun of my hair! Q: Do they see you as a cool dad? It depends on what project I’m working on. My teenagers, they sort of grunt at me now. My daughter probably still thinks I’m a cool…

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tony’s tykes

Will Tony Romo’s sons follow in his football footsteps? “They’re interested in tackling each other a lot,” the former NFL player jokes of Hawkins, 9, Rivers, 7, and Jones, 4, adding that he and wife Candice Crawford are waiting until they’re “a little bit older” before officially enrolling them in the sport. “Personally, I know I’m going to get a lot of pressure from the boys,” Romo explained. “It’s like, ‘You’re 9 and 7.’ So, we’re going to wait.” While the ex-quarterback enjoys tuning into games at home with his kids, there’s one thing he never lets them put on the TV: their uncle Chace Crawford’s iconic show, Gossip Girl. “They’re not allowed to watch that yet,” says Romo, adding that even if he offered his boys the chance to…