Us Weekly December 13, 2021

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loose talk

“I asked him for an autograph, and I thought what he wrote to me was really special, which was ‘Keanu, f**k you.’ That made me laugh and I loved it.”On being starstruck by the late comedian George Carlin KEANU REEVES“He calls me ‘treat mom’ because I give him a lot of treats. But he also calls me ‘trash mom’ because I take away his trash!”Revealing the funny nicknames her son Ennis, 3, has given her KIRSTEN DUNST“My exercise routine is being half late to the workout because I hate working out. I’m always like, ‘I’m so late, too bad I can only do a few things.’ ”Joking about her preferred method of staying in shape KATY PERRY“People always ask, ‘Oh my God, wasn’t John Stamos so cute?’ I know him…

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hot pics!


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a day in my life

7:00 A.M. LOVE OF GRUB The social media star (who has two million Instagram followers!) begins his day in typical doggy fashion: chowing down! “He eats breakfast in a bow tie, because he’s a gentleman,” says Tuna’s owner, Courtney Dasher. 12:00 P.M. SAY CHEESE “After a long nap, Tuna will change into a stylish outfit or a costume, and take some photos for social content,” Dasher says of the Chiweenie. “Today he chose to be a muscular superhero.” 1:00 P.M. OUT & ABOUT The canine needs his park time! “Tuna loves taking a daily walk,” shares Dasher. “ He [also] enjoys wrestling with his toy friend Colin.” 2:00 P.M. ROLL OVER “When playtime is finished, Tuna likes to fragrant himself by rolling around in the grass,” says Dasher. “Then he focuses his attention on something else. In…

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love lives

GEORGE & AMAL Doting Parents George Clooney, 60, and his wife, Amal, 43, are looking forward to the holidays with their twins, Ella and Alexander, 4. “It’ll be one to remember because the kids are at an age where they really understand everything,” an insider tells Us, adding that the tots have been “making their Christmas lists” and are very excited about it all. “Knowing George, he’ll probably do something over the top — like dress up as Santa!” adds the insider. “He loves making his kids happy.” JOHN & EMILY Perfect Balance John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are two of the busiest people in Hollywood, but they never let their careers interrupt their happy home life. “Their kids always come first,” a source tells Us of Krasinski, 42, and Blunt, 38, who share two…

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mad about pete

When Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson began hanging out in October, most of their friends thought it would be a short-lived fling. However, the complete opposite has turned out to be true. “Kim’s blown away by how strongly she feels for Pete,” a source tells Us, adding that the reality star, 41, has already told the comedian, 28, that she loves him. “Kim never thought she’d date anyone like Pete. Her type is usually so different.” But their instant chemistry was impossible to ignore. “When Kim met Pete,” says the source, “something inside of her told her she’d want to spend the rest of her life with him.” The same goes for Davidson. “They’re talking about kids already,” reveals the source. “Kim thinks he’d be the best dad. She’s smitten!”…

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fighting for her fortune

She may be free from her conservatorship, but now Britney Spears’ lawyers are gearing up to hunt down the possible millions missing from her vast fortune. “There’s a massive investigation into every single person that had to do with her estate, all the way back to before the conservatorship,” a source tells Us, noting that many people are being looked into, including Spears’ former business manager Lou Taylor and some members of her family. “[Her lawyers] believe they will find fraud and other criminal activity, and will press charges,” the source continues, adding that Spears, who turns 40 on Dec. 2, blames her family for this mess. “They never stepped up for her, yet were all getting paid,” the source says. “She’s essentially disowned them.”…