Vegan Food & Living April 2021

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This issue brings with it some exciting news about positive actions we're taking to reduce Vegan Food & Living's impact on the planet. Subscribers will hopefully have noticed that this issue was delivered in recyclable paper wrap for the first time rather than plastic. (We're sorry it took a little longer than we'd hoped to make the swap, but we're delighted we finally got there). What you may not have noticed however, is that the paper your magazine is printed on has changed this issue. We've swapped to Carbon Balanced Paper. This means that the average carbon impact for the production of the paper has been balanced, or off set, by World Land Trust (an international conservation charity) through the preservation of high conservation forests, saving threatened habitats and their biodiversity.…

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new online vegan supermarket launches in the uk

For anyone who doesn’t enjoy a weekly trudge to the supermarket to pick up their vegan food supplies, there’s a new online alternative called The Good Kind. It’s only just launched, but is on a mission to champion a healthy plant-based lifestyle and work with likeminded brands to source sustainable products to share with the vegan community. There are already some really interesting products available to buy on the site, from Biff’s Crispy Fried Jackfruit Wings to Crack’d liquid egg replacement, and we absolutely adore the range of artisan vegan cheese, offering treats such as Honestly Tasty Shamembert and Veganzola. But the products don’t stop at food, as there’s a growing range of domestic, beauty and homeware items on offer too for anyone looking to combine their cruelty-free ethics with…

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eating out with this vegan city

DÖNER SUMMER Location: 40 Gillygate, York YO31 7EQ Website: Cuisine: Kebab Service: Eat in and takeaway Like a couple of Bad Girls we broke lockdown rules and travelled from London up to York for this month’s review. Just kidding! Nope, we stayed at home and instead sent a takeaway to a York-based friend, because that is the right thing to do. We also got to have a lovely chat over the phone with the owner of Döner Summer to find out the ins and outs of his wonderful vegan kebab-based chain, which is taking the north of England by storm. Pun name aside (his friend’s wife came up with the genius idea), initial inspiration came from the colourful street food kebabs of Berlin. According to owner Andy, the Hot Stuff on the menu is the…

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new vegan hot sauces aim to revoutionise vegan cuisine

A new vegan hot sauce company aims to spice up home-cooked dishes, offering an easy way to add depth of flavour and pizzazz to a wide range of culinary creations. Chilli No. 5 offers a collection of 13 British-made artisanal vegan chilli sauces, plus monthly limited editions. Temptingly named hot sauces include Heavenly Harissa, Forever Phall, Sriracha Cha Cha Cha, Ever So English, and the recently launched Champagne Gold, a limited edition hot sauce made with the finest Champagnes and filled with edible 23-carat gold flakes. Each vegan hot sauce is infused with superfoods and supplements, including Korean ginseng, maca powder, guarana, inulin, and fenugreek. “We not only wanted to create a collection of incredibly tasty vegan hot sauces, but also ones that were healthy too,” said Rumble Romagnoli, Chilli No. 5’s founder.…

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boost your family’s immunity with avacare

AvaCare was founded when three passionate dads combined their expertise as pharmacists and nutritionists with their love for their families. Their resulting vitamins and mineral products are designed with AvaCare’s family, and yours, in mind. AvaCare products must pass the AvaCare Promise – are they willing to give their products to their own families? The answer must always be yes. All their products are produced by manufacturers that follow high standards of quality, made in Britain whenever possible (but never outside the EU) and all registered with the Vegan Society. They are all in liquid format for optimal absorption. AvaCare Baby Multi-Vitamin Drops provide the essential vitamins that babies from 4 months need. AvaCare’s Vitamins D3 and K2 for adults and children are spraya for optimal absorption and ease of use. Their…

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behind the scenes at viva!

High-end Trout Farms Prioritise Profit Over Welfare Between June and November 2020, Viva! investigated four rainbow trout farms supplying supermarkets and retailers including Waitrose, Abel & Cole, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. Several of these farms were RSPCA assured. This investigation revealed shocking scenes of suffering and a total disregard for fish welfare. Investigators found filthy, overcrowded ponds, dead fish left to rot and fish with countless physical injuries. Viva!’s surveillance footage also showed workers kicking and brutally throwing live fish on the floor. Test Valley Trout’s Romsey farm featured heavily in this investigation and boasted endorsements from celebrities, including Jamie Oliver. Following Viva!’s investigation, the farm has been stripped of their RSPCA Assured certificate and Jamie Oliver’s endorsement has been removed. The Times newspaper ran the story in late January and helped…