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March - May 2020

Vertical Life is a climbing magazine in Australasia, available in both digital and print options. Here at Vertical Life we love climbing, be it beanied bouldering, clip-up sportclimbing, old-school daddy-tradding, big-wall suffering, alpine extremism, spandex-clad competition climbing, desperate-times-call-for-desperate-measures buildering, the lot – if it involves monkey business we will cover it.

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on you, on me, ennui

I have taken for granted the pleasures of a tactile world: dragging my hands along a cold steel balustrade, cupping porcelain whilst drinking a coffee, skin torn by sandstone gripped too hard. Instead, I find myself shying away from everything like a vampire fleeing an upraised cross. Where is this place that we are? We are not where we were and we are not where we are going. When I wake up in the morning it feels like nowhere, off balance, off kilter, suspended. A great and terrible ennui has descended. The physical world has shifted and yet I still feel compelled – maybe even more so – to be a physical being, to move and run and thrash around on a dancefloor and climb a rock and pull on plastic. And…

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This issue is digital, coming at you in the 1s and 0s but we hope that we will be back to print as soon as the COVID-infected air clears. If you aren’t a subscriber you will be able to pick up the new print editions of Vertical Life when we start producing them again from one of our preferred stockist best mates. Subscriber, random reader, on-the-dunny page turner, we love youse all. If you’re interested in throwing your weight behind the magazine, giving us a metaphorical belay, planting your feet and giving us a figurative spot, become a preferred stockist by dropping a line to tara@adventureentertainment.com ACT Bloc Haus blochaus.com.au Fyshwick ACT P: 02 6280 8830 E: boulder@blochaus.com.au @blochauscanberra @blochauscbr Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing canberrarockclimbing.com.au Mitchell ACT P: 02 6260 1101 E: canrock@grapevine.com.au @canberraclimbing @canberraindoorrockclimbing NSW Climbing Anchors climbinganchors.com.au Alexandria NSW P: 02 9051 2425 E: info@climbinanchors.com.au @ClimbingAnchors @climbing_Anchors Climb Fit climbfit.com.au St Leonards & Kirrawee NSW P:…

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gariwerd wimmera reconciliation network

The Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network (GWRN) is a new organisation that has been established to build a respectful, productive relationship between climbers and local Traditional Owners. To achieve this, GWRN was set up in consultation with the three Traditional Owner corporations in the region: Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation, Barengi Gadjin Land Council and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation. On 3 April this year, GWRN released a joint statement in collaboration with all three Traditional Owner groups in which they said, ‘We have agreed to initially focus our joint efforts on exploring issues related to climbing access, with the Network positioning itself as a conduit between Traditional Owners and the broader climbing community. All four parties hold hope that respectful relationships will create a platform to explore meaningful and enduring solutions…

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declaration crag update

Since the discovery of rock art and other cultural heritage at Mt Arapiles’ popular roadside climbing area, Declaration Crag (known ot many locals as Taylors Rock), the site has received further assessment and, as part of that, the Minister for Aborigal Affairs is considering whether to make an interim protection declaration for the area, presumably with an eye towards ongoing protection. Before the minister can make this decision, however, he must consult with the wider community. As part of this process, climbers can make their own submissions here. You can also read more about interim and ongoing protection declarations here.…

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acav committee update

When last we reported on the Australian Climbing Association Victoria (ACAV) it had just held a Special General Meeting (SGM) to try and resolve issues between members of the committee and its president, Mike Tomkins. A majority of the committee wanted to remove Mike for reasons outlined in a letter to members released on 16 December 2019. The letter revealed relations between Mike and many of the committee had soured, with Mike threatening to sue some committee members for defamation in the lead up to the SGM. In the letter, signed by Vice President Jackie Bernardi, Mark Wood, Hanh Le (previous secretary), Leeanne Lindorff (then serving secretary), Lauren Coman, Mike Rockell, Steven Wilson, Aaron Lowndes and Goshen Watts, it stated that, ‘Mike climbed in a Special Protection Area (SPA) of the…

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hillwood cliff closure

It was a real blow to the Tasmanian climbing community when Tassie’s most popular and convenient sport climbing crag at Hillwood was closed by the landowner 12 months ago. After 20 years of allowing climbing, he finally cracked the shits. Three issues were cited by the farmer: 1. Too many people, up to a dozen cars every weekend 2. Liability – ‘I accept all the risk and don’t get any thanks for it.’ 3. Climbers’ sense of entitlement and taking it for granted – blocking his gate, taking dogs up there, cutting tracks and disobeying temporary closures on days of total fire ban. A year later the cliff remains indefinitely closed. Some positive news is that the local council are doing a feasibility study with the view of leasing the property…