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Wildfowl October 2019

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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live the ultimate hunting & fishing experience at white oak creek ranch

Situated on nearly 5,000 acres, White Oak Creek Ranch, located just 90 minutes east of Dallas in the wildlife-rich hardwood bottoms of Franklin County, is redefining ranching. “Our goal is to deliver a first-rate, best-of-class destination ranch where the owner-members can enjoy the outdoors and their families without any of the responsibilities of running, managing and maintaining a ranch,” said Ty Looney, who with his business partner, Garry Kyle, purchased the ranch in 2016. The ranch, which had been managed solely for wildlife for the past 30 years, offered the duo an unmatched opportunity to create an exclusive hunting club and ranch community. “We set out to create something we—and other outdoor enthusiasts—would want to be part of for a life-time,” Looney said. Currently, only 12 owner-memberships remain out of the…

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hope springs eternal

WE TALK A lot about it, but when you see a kid really light up to the hunting life, it’s life-altering for everyone involved. Underestimate them at your own peril. Especially girls. I was excited last fall to take my 6-year-old, Pippa, on a leisurely midday dove hunt. Me and the boys shot our mourning doves early, but the afternoons were for limit-less Eurasian collared doves and pigeons over cattle yards. Pippa could sleep in, join us after lunch for fast action; perfect for a child’s attention span. The birds would be big, dumb, and flying everywhere. In my head, I visualized her feeling overwhelmed, me kneeling in front of her, holding a bird, showing her the wings, have her touch the feathers, pluck a few for her hat, until she…

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are you a mallard purist or not?

I’VE BEEN A duck hunter-only since 1962, and hunt as many as 50 days a season. I am not, nor have ever been, a mallard purist. I’ll sometimes exclusively target greenheads… once every five seasons. A plumed-out gadwall, wigeon or pintail will get my heart beating just has hard as a mallard. I agree with Skip Knowles’ editorial about it being time to move past the “a-greenhead-is-the-only-duck” mentality, yet that same mentality is clearly shown on the cover of the very magazine you wrote that in! “MO Greenheads,” “Kansas is still Mallard Mecca,” “Mallard Mystery: Where’d the Greenheads Go?” each are prominently displayed on the August cover. I know you have to sell the magazine, and many duck hunters/customers are going to be mallard-oriented for years to come, but you COULD have…

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floods and ducks

IN A NORMAL year, Sam Schneider and his family grow corn, rice and beans on more than 4,000 acres of Mississippi River bottom near Cape Girardeau, Missouri. And when the crops are in, there’s a good chance Schneider will be sitting in a blind somewhere on that farm, scanning the sky for ducks. This year has been anything but normal. Thanks to extensive and prolonged flooding, the Schneider family managed to get just a few hundred acres of beans planted. Duck season? That’s anyone’s guess. “It’s like that all around here. Everything was still under water in mid-July. It’s the most water I’ve ever seen inside the levees,” says the Avery pro-staffer and "Day 60" TV host. “I feel like I’ve been punched in the face by Mother Nature, not just as a…

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pass shots

ALABAMA GETS CRANE SEASON Four-hundred hunters will get three tags each for Alabama’s first sandhill crane hunt in recent history. The tags will be awarded via a drawing and will only be available to Alabama residents. An estimated 15,000 cranes winter in the state each year, most around Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Their numbers have been increasing for the last decade, according to Alabama DNR. Only two other states east of the Mississippi River, Kentucky and Tennessee, have crane seasons. PITTMAN-ROBERTSON SLATED FOR IMPROVEMENTS A new bill known as the Pittman-Robertson Modernization Act aims to give states more freedom to use federal money on various marketing and recruitment efforts to boost hunter participation. The number of hunters has declined by about 2.6 million since 1991. The original P-R Act placed an excise tax…

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fifth flyway

PART OF THE FAMILY You may recall seeing a photo last year of a duckling being raised by an owl (we actually had a note about here in FF). Well this past spring wildlife photographer Jocelyn Anderson captured a pair of sandhill cranes raising a Canada gosling (as well as their own chick) at a park in Michigan, marking the first time a sandhill has been seen fostering another species. GREAT LAKES INVASION It was a grand spring for ducks in North Dakota. The state released its annual breeding survey in June, showing an index of 3.4 million birds, which is 20 percent above last year and 40 percent above the long-term average. Every species, except for pintails and blue-winged teal were above the LTA. The only downside of course is it will…