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Wildfowl November 2019

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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what are you grateful for?

HE WAS LAUGHING softly, in his quiet demure English style, knowing life was good and there was really no thing to worry about. The big aluminum jon boat was stuck a bit in the awful black mud, due to the tide dropping after we did a quick and dirty South Texas duck hunt. Also stuck was my mom. An adoring son of this gor geous Greek woman, I was alarmed that she couldn’t move, up to her knees in the muck and sinking deeper. I grabbed and lifted her right out of her hip boots and swung her in the extra wide jon boat, then went to work on recovering her boots. “Dad, mom was really stuck,” I said. He paid no attention, and was just happy, sorting through all our dead ducks while…

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letters to the editor

Trying to Trick the Doc I WANT TO correct an error in the article “Wetlands 101,” by Brad Fitzpatrick. He mentions a Dr. Milt Wells from Iowa State University. The professor’s name is actually Dr. Milton Weller. I did my graduate studies at Iowa State University in the late 1960s and early ‘70s and had the privilege of taking classes from Dr. Weller. Foremost of these was his graduate level “Waterfowl of the World.” While taking that class, another fellow and I found a road-killed sora rail and plucked from it a single breast feather. We thought we would have a little laugh at Dr. Weller’s expense. So we walked into his office holding this one little breast feather. Before we could say a word, Dr. Weller looked up and said, “Oh, a…

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the truth behind youth

GOOD NEWS, DUCK HUNTERS. Thanks to a bill introduced by Representative Cindy-Hyde Smith (R-MS), state wildlife agencies have the freedom to extend duck seasons until January 31. There is even better news for current and former members of the military. The bill (S. 2942) also allows states to set aside two extra days for veterans and active-duty military. Those days don’t count against the regular season framework and can be set as much as 14 days on either side of the established seasons. "It’s great for PR and looks like a state agency is doing something to increase participation but it will do nothing to bring in new hunters." “States will now have the option to extend the season a few more days, which can make a difference both for hunters and…

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pass shots

DELAWARE GETS TUNDRA SWAN SEASON Delaware awarded 84 tags through a lottery in August, including up to 13 for non-resident hunters. The state joins eight others that allow tundra swan hunting. Although Maryland has the option of adding a swan hunt, the state wildlife agency has yet to address the possibility of adding a season. FLORIDA CLOSES CANALS Florida hunters just got squeezed after the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission closed 24 canals surrounding Hunters Lake to waterfowl hunting. The move came after surrounding homeowners voiced concern over loud gunshots and pellets striking houses.. PLAY BY THE RULES, OR ELSE Eight Michigan poachers will pay a total of $18,500 for shooting more geese than the legal limit and failing to retrieve downed birds. A tip last October led Michigan DNR to a pond where the…

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fifth flyway

CRANES IN CRIMSON COUNTRY Alabama isn’t exactly Stuttgart, but the state did announce a resident-only sandhill crane season this year. Kentucky and Tennessee have also seen an influx of cranes since 2011 (both states have crane seasons as well). Alabama will award 400 permits to hunters, who can take three birds in two seasons that run from early December to the end of January (there is a split). Maybe it’s time to finally buy that beach house in Gulf Shores... KILLER HAIL In August, a Montana hailstorm killed more than 11,000 ducks and geese and other wetland birds at Big Lake Wildlife Management Area. We have read about events like this before; even flashes of lightning killing flocks in flight, but typically it’s a few dozen or hundreds of birds. This was 20…

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ten steps to the ultimate impoundment

THE ROGERS FAMILY have always been duckaholics, and in the 1980s Chris Rogers decided to turn his passion into a profession. That’s when Chris decided to begin planting wild rice on their property in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and after a few years the Roger's clan decided they could develop a full-scale production center for native wetland seeds that would meet the demands of waterfowl managers, and River Refuge Seed Company was born. Since that time the Rogers family has built their native seed catalog to include several of the top offerings used by biologists and private land managers across the continent. During the evolution of River Refuge, Chris Rogers and his family began building waterfowl impoundments at a rapid rate. To date Chris has built over 100 duck ponds and a…