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Wildfowl April/May 2020

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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dog's best friend

THE THING ABOUT good dogs is you don’t even know quite how much you love them until you are shown in a way that catches you off-guard. The tailgate slammed and the five Labs piled out: yellow; pewter, black, white, and Hoss, the tubbardly chocolate, rounding it out. Five colors! What a sight! All swirling in a whirl of nervous excitement. It was late morning and we had clobbered a few honkers and were switching gears to a new loafing spot. We needed to hide, throw out a few dozen full-bodies, and knuckle down. Thanksgiving, a family hunt on the Kansas border. A handful of volleys broke out and the dogs were off chasing the huge birds. A great water retrieve is the pinnacle of duck hunting, but watching dogs roll out…

6 min.
the disappearing duck

THE PATTERN REPEATS itself every fall. A cold front brings in a fresh wave of ducks and a rekindled passion among waterfowlers. Some of them fill their duck straps. Others don’t, but the mood is the same. It’s show time. The ducks finally arrived. A week later, the skies are empty, save for a few random birds that pass well out of range of every decoy spread in the marsh. It’s as if the ducks have packed up and moved on to safer grounds. But have they? Or are they hunkered down on a refuge or some secret swamp that no hunter knows about? It’s one of waterfowl hunting’s greatest mysteries. New research sheds light on those disappearing ducks. As it turns out, when food and open water is available, the birds…

2 min.
fifth flyway

PRAIRIE POTHOLES COME TO THE (REALLY) BIG SCREEN Delta Waterfowl and the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, among other conservation groups, are collaborating on an IMAX film highlighting the Prairie Pothole Region. Wings Over Water will focus on sandhill cranes, mallards and yellow warblers to show the importance of the region known as the Duck Factory. “The film helps us tell the wetland habitat conservation story to a broader audience who might not yet understand the importance of the prairies not only for waterfowl and wildlife, but also for the health of our ecosystem,” says Delta Waterfowl CEO Dr. Scott Petrie. It is set to be released in 2021 and will appear in theaters throughout the world. Acadamy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Michael Keaton is narrating the film. FIRED FOR SAVING DUCKS A Dominion…

4 min.
canine stress

IT WAS SOMETHING a dog trainer said to me while I was interviewing her for my podcast that stuck with me for days. She had mentioned that she believes stress layers itself in dogs, and when it builds up to certain levels, it can affect training for days. It wasn’t much of a leap to believe that stress, then, could also influence hunting performance. Her statement led me down an internet rabbit hole to suss out a canine researcher who could really speak to an expert level on canine stress. After some research, it seemed like I could do far worse than reaching out to Jessica Hekman DVM, PhD, who has spent years of her life digging into the effects of stress on dogs. Her early research focused on stress in hospitalization…

2 min.
waterfowl band reports

1 HUNTER: Nicholas Farris, Minot, ME BAND #: 1927-83749 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 08/13/2015 LOCATION: Pierreville, QC RECOVERED: 09/23/2019 LOCATION: Minot, ME COMMENTS: My first banded bird ever and first male mallard couldn’t have been any better for a season opener. 2 HUNTER: Pat Arntson, Minot, ND BAND #: 1208-25126 SPECIES: Large Canada Goose (F) BANDED: 06/19/2018 LOCATION: near Galesburg, IL RECOVERED: 09/16/2019 LOCATION: Near Karlsruhe, ND 3 HUNTER: James Shaver, North Saanich, BC BAND #: 1138-70899 SPECIES: Canada Goose (M) BANDED: 06/22/2012 LOCATION: near Chatham, ON RECOVERED: 09/12/2019 LOCATION: 8.7 miles NE from Plumas, MB 4 HUNTER: Irvan Mclean, Lovell, WY BAND #: 0914-90672 SPECIES: Green-winged Teal (H) BANDED: 08/02/2018 LOCATION: near Huslia, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AK RECOVERED: 10/05/2019 LOCATION: Big Horn County, WY 5 HUNTER: Joe DelSoldato, Pittsfield, MA BAND #: 1245-08708 SPECIES: Wood Duck (D) BANDED: 08/29/2018 LOCATION: near Birchwood, TN RECOVERED: 10/12/2019 LOCATION: Richmond, MA 6 HUNTER: Bill Jordan, Homedale, ID BAND #: 2117-00678 SPECIES: Mallard, (D) BANDED: 08/16/2015 LOCATION: near Ft. Providence, NT RECOVERED: 10/12/2019 LOCATION: 5 mi SSE of Adrian, OR 7 HUNTER Ben…

2 min.

LIKE THE BIRDS they pursue, it’s not unusual for ardent wildfowlers to travel great distances seeking out new and different hunting experiences. But most have a favorite honey hole back home they return to over and over. For Jack Hole, it’s Cardinal Lake, which lies about 20 miles west of Alberta’s famed Peace River. “We frequently hunt Cardinal Lake for a mixed bag of divers and puddlers,” he explained. “The divers are better in September, and mallards and pintails get better mid October,” he continued. And it was a mid-October day when he and his pals Cap’n Dr. Darryl Smith and Jon Mark Walls from Jackson, Tennessee headed about four miles across the lake where they found hundreds and hundreds of mallards. “We set up the mallard floaters and a few…