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Wildfowl June/July 2020

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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can you ever go back? should you?

IT’S AN INTOXICATING thought, the idea of returning decades later to some place that holds powerful memories from magic times afield in your life. But should you? Last year I alluded to a return to Texas Gulf Coast by my father, some 25 years after we’d moved, wondering if you can ever really go home. He possesses a true hunter's soul, and my memories as a small child in the ‘70s are of an old aluminum skiff he hauled around in a sky blue two-wheel-drive 1968 GMC truck with a wood-floored bed. When it got too dirty, he’d throw a fist full of change in the back and turn his 5-year-old loose with a straw whisk broom. I’d sweep it clean and keep all the change I found. One day, he hoped…

2 min.
the gift

CHRISTMAS EVE IN 92’ my father showed up at my house with a Chesapeake pup with a red bandana on her neck. I had fallen in love with her at the breeder a few days before. No one wanted an odd-colored Chesapeake, dark brown with light colored legs. I named her Boots. It turned out to be the best gift I had ever received and the last one my Dad gave to me as he died a few months later. She was a powerful dog, over 100 pounds of muscle and determination. I had been a waterfowl guide since I was 19 so I had a wonderful life planned for her. In 93’ I took a gamekeeper job for a wealthy man who bought an island off the south fork…

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hunting and training retrievers is under attack!

AT THIS POINT in my waterfowl tenure, my focus has shifted. Have I gone soft? Negative. I still crave feet-down action and cherish sending steel into the air. Mostly, though, I embrace the elements for my 14-year-old son Hunter and Lab, Kimber. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a waterfowl hunt without either. I cherish my son’s ever-optimistic attitude, and the Lab sure makes life easy. While our rights as hunters are constantly under attack, I feel confident my son’s waterfowling career won’t be interrupted. As for my dog, I’m not so sure. Happening right under our noses are multiple attacks pioneered by the Humane Society of the United States. “It’s a direct attack and a behind-the-scenes effort to simply end hunting,” said Brian Lynn of the Sportsman’s Alliance. Lynn, who is the VP of…

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fifth flyway

FFA AND WOODIES Multiple FFA (Future Farmers of America) programs around the country are taking part in boosting wood duck habitat by building duck houses. Not only are projects like these great for the wood duck, but they get kids excited about conservation and point them toward future careers in the outdoor space. DUCK SLAM! In 2019, Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission in a joint effort with Ducks Unlimited launched the state’s first ever Duck Slam. Designed to get more hunters into the field, the Slam required the harvesting of four species of duck that included an American wigeon, mallard, northern pintail and a teal. A total of 370 wingshooters took part in the program, including 11 women and 11 youth hunters. Successful Slammers received a pin, certificate and were entered into a…

4 min.
heavy-set hunters

DURING A CONVERSATION with Dr. Seth Bynum last year, I asked him what the number one issue he sees with sporting dogs is at his veterinarian clinic. His answer probably won’t surprise anyone—obesity. He casually offered up an estimate that 30 to 40 percent of the dogs he sees—both general pets and bird dogs—were overweight. When I took my own Lab for her yearly checkup this past February, I mentioned Bynum’s estimate to our veterinarian. She laughed and said, “It’s way higher than that here. It’s probably close to 50 percent, and honestly, I think as a society, we have mostly forgotten what an in-shape dog is supposed to look like.” This isn’t good, and it seems that our four-legged friends are following closely in the footsteps of the general human population.…

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waterfowl band reports

FLYWAY VETERAN 1 HUNTER Greg McGlone, Brazil, IN BAND # 1527-16705 SPECIES: Mallard (H) BANDED: 08/05/2007 LOCATION: 7 W of Ogema, MN RECOVERED: 09/28/2019 LOCATION: 6 mi WSW of Jamestown, ND 2 HUNTER: Ken Schopp, Sheffield, MA BAND #: 1048-83256 SPECIES: Canada Goose (F) BANDED: 08/03/2010 LOCATION: 15 KM E of Aupaluk, QC RECOVERED: 11/06/2019 LOCATION: 0.5 miles W from Ashley, Falls, MA 3 HUNTER: Don Davidson, Klamath Falls, OR BAND #: 1797-922281 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 07/28/2008 LOCATION: 13 MI SW of Bonners Ferry, ID RECOVERED: 10/22/2019 LOCATION: 1.9 mi W of Shady Pine, OR 4 HUNTER: Bill Massenburg, Denison, TX BAND #: 2197-35209 SPECIES: Greater White-fronted Goose (M) BANDED: 07/13/2014 LOCATION: Near Cambridge Bay, NU RECOVERED: 11/09/2019 LOCATION: 5 mi NE of Sadler, TX 5 HUNTER: Dave Siegel, Crete, IL BAND #: 2107-79760 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 09/08/2018 LOCATION: Near Thunder Bay, ON RECOVERED: 11/09/2019 LOCATION: Lasalle Fish and Wildlife Area, IN 6 HUNTER: Randall Rasche, Chillicothe, MO BAND #: 1208-98339 SPECIES: Canada Goose (F) BANDED: 07/31/2018 LOCATION: Near Churchill, MB RECOVERED: 02/03/2019 LOCATION: Fountain Grove…