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Wildfowl August 2020 - Equipment Annual Rel #1

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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the amigo factor & the gear virus

FRED JUMPED ON a redeye, dragging poor Michelle with him deep through the night to arrive at his East Ranch in Colorado before daybreak, where hundreds of honkers could be heard clucking and murmuring from the lodge as they crowded into a small reservoir in the darkness. I’d gotten the call the eve before, dropped everything and burned the asphalt south. Fred is a big game icon who has chased about everything on earth with a bow and is famous for being charged by grizzlies. His idea of bowfishing is arrowing blue marlin. He can hunt birds here anytime. Why did the closeted wing-shooter fly all night rushing from a trade show to chase feathers in his own yard? “Had to do it. No way was I going to miss the…

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ten for ten in ten: a duck man looks back

AVERY DECIDED to sit this one out. It was freezing and a ring of shelf ice had formed overnight at the Saskatchewan pothole’s edge. He was worn out after ten straight days of duck hunting. The evening before we were to leave for home in Tennessee we’d found a place loaded with mallards. Avery was anxious to get on the road but I begged him to let me have one hour at this small lake the next morning. He agreed. It was October, 1970, and the duck limit was ten birds, eight of which could be mallards. With everything out of the motel and gear stuffed in his new Bronco, we arrived at the pond an hour before light. With the windows slightly down, we could hear hundreds of ducks talking.…

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duck factory in top shape, but covid 19 to impact migration in short supply .

DEEP summer is here. The heat and life-sucking humidity are unbearable. The feel of a biting northern front and the sound of whistling wings seem far away. You’ve organized and reorganized your gear more times than you can count. You’re ready. All you can do now is plop down in front of the central air and dream about what type of waterfowl season you’re in for. Here’s some info to ponder. NESTING GROUNDS Regarded as the “duck factory” of North America, the Prairie Pothole Region, according to recent data provided by Ducks Unlimited, is responsible for providing nesting habitat for up to three-quarters of North America’s breeding ducks. The bad news: This once grassland-only system has been impacted for the worse over the past few decades. Much of the area now consists of…

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fifth flyway

SMALL WATERS, BIG PROJECT Paying to protect wetlands is a new project between the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services in a joint effort with Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Delta Wildlife and the California Waterfowl Association. Dubbed the USDA Prairie Pothole Water Quality and Wildlife Program, farmers and producin North Dakota South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Montana are eligible to receive money for wetlands less than two acres in size on privately-owned working cropland. These shallow ponds provide essential invertebrates to nesting hens and ducklings but are at a high-risk of drainage. It’s believed this project has the potential to support the breeding efforts of 1.8-million ducks. STAMP IT FORWARD 2020 In an effort to raise money for wetland conservation, Sam Soholt, owner of Public Land Tees, asked individuals and companies to donate money to…

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mouth maladies

THE PROBLEM WITH dogs is also what we love about dogs. If that seems vague, let me offer up an example from my younger years with a buddy’s golden retriever. Buster was a hunting fool and he never met a duck, or upland bird, or toad or snake or you-name-it that he didn’t think deserved a ride between his teeth. He didn’t discriminate against chipmunks either, and when one sought refuge in an aluminum drain pipe at my buddy’s parent’s house, Buddy chewed through it to get to the prize inside. He also, more than once, chewed through his chain link kennel. Buddy was so driven that he’d ignore serious oral trauma to get at what he wanted, and even when he was dripping blood from his tongue and gums, he…

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waterfowl band reports

1 HUNTER: Aiden Davis, Conway, AR BAND #: 2167-05173 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 09/18/2018 LOCATION: Bismark, ND RECOVERED: 01/05/2020 LOCATION: 3 miles west of Georgetown, AR 2 HUNTER: David Miller, Shreveport, LA BAND #: 2097-14411 SPECIES: Greater Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 08/08/2013 LOCATION: South Plain of Bylot Island, NU RECOVERED: 10/16/2019 LOCATION: 2.7 mi SSE of Rangeley, ND 3 HUNTER: Nathan Hartsell, Fulton, KY BAND #: 1937-22549 SPECIES: Blue Goose (M) BANDED: 08/08/2010 LOCATION: Baffin Island, NU RECOVERED: 02/22/2020 LOCATION: Grubbs, AR COMMENTS: My first band in over 13 years of waterfowl hunting. 4 HUNTER: Randy Hall, Marshalltown, IA BAND #: 2197-58340 SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 08/02/2017 LOCATION: Iqaluit, NU RECOVERED: 03/07/2020 LOCATION: Forney Lake, IA 5 HUNTER: John Datlik, Marysville, CA BAND #: 2117-14465 SPECIES: Mallard (D) BANDED: 08/15/2016 LOCATION: Near Ft. Providence, NT RECOVERED: 01/21/2020 LOCATION: 2.7 mi E of Delevan, CA 6 HUNTER: Scott McMorrow, Inverness, CA BAND #: 2247-16257 SPECIES: Mallard (H) BANDED: 08/27/2018 LOCATION: Near Lower Klamath, CA RECOVERED: 11/30/2019 LOCATION: Delevan, CA 7 HUNTER: Ken Schopp, Sheffield, MA BAND #: 1737-05447 SPECIES: American Black…